The franchise that ultimately became the Arizona Wranglers originally was slated for Los Angeles, California.
Alex Spanos was awarded the L.A. franchise, but backed out in order to acquire a minority stake in the NFL's San Diego Chargers.
Jim Joseph, at the time a part owner of the Oakland Invaders, took the franchise rights, but was bumped out of the L.A. market when Alan Harmon and Bill Daniels were unable to put their team in its intended city, San Diego.
Figuring that having Harmon and Daniels in Los Angeles was a better fit for the league, Joseph agreed to take his franchise elsewhere, eventually settling in Phoenix.

The majority owners of the Arizona Wranglers:
Jim Joseph (L), who founded the team in 1983,
and Dr. Ted Diethrich (R), Phoenix cardiovascular
surgeon who took over the team in an unusual
"franchise swap" with the Chicago Blitz after
the 1983 season.
The head coaches of the Wranglers:
Doug Shively, 1983 (L) and George Allen, 1984.

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