The Wranglers logo and colors were the most complicated in the USFL.
Between the unique copper helmet, the team's branding iron logo and wordmarks the team used a total of 7 different colors, giving USFL apparel suppliers fits.
Wranglers merchandise was the most expensive in the USFL to create, and consequently provided the smallest profit margin for league suppliers.
Alan Risher is one of the few members of the Wranglers to play both seasons for the team.
Risher was the starting quarterback for the 1983 version of the team, and Greg Landry's back-up in 1984.

Top:  Wranglers "branding
iron" helmet logo

Bottom:  script
"Wranglers" wordmark

Branding iron "W"
incorporated into the
wordmark, in color and
in black and white
Media Guides
Wranglers velcro
wallet and trucker cap

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