For 1984, each of the league's 12 charter franchises were permitted to secure the USFL rights to 20 players via the territorial draft.
1984 expansion teams were, as a means of helping them stock their rosters, granted the rights to 30 players chosen by means of the territorial draft.

Player, Position College/University
Brad Anderson, WR Arizona
Leo Barker, LB New Mexico State
Chris Brewer, RB Arizona
Mike Cade, RB Arizona State
Jimmie Carter, LB New Mexico
Marsharne Graves, T Arizona
Todd Hons, QB Arizona State
Rickey Hunley, LB Arizona
John Kaiser, LB Arizona
Don Kern, TE Arizona State
James Keyton, T Arizona State
Pete Mandley, WR Northern Arizona
Byron Nelson, T Arizona
Sandy Osiecki, QB Arizona State
Randy Robbins, DB Arizona
Brad Rowland, DE Northern Arizona
Tom Tunnicliffe, QB Arizona
Mike White, T Arizona State
Dwaine Wright, RB Arizona State
Fred Young, LB New Mexico State

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