The 1983 USFL Territorial Draft allowed the league's 12 charter franchises to secure the rights to up to 26 players from five different universities.
The Wranglers territorial schools were Arizona, Arizona State, Northern Arizona, New Mexico and New Mexico State.
The territorial 'draft' wasn't actually a draft.  Teams simply prepared a written list of those players they wanted to gain rights to, sending it to the Commissioner's office.
Since teams had exclusive territorial rights to their respective schools, there was no head-to-head competition for territorial talent, and therefore no need to hold a draft in the conventional sense of the term.

Player, Position College/University
Mike Black, P Arizona State
Ron Brown, WR Arizona State
Bryan Caldwell, DE Arizona State
Mike Carter, RB New Mexico
Mark Diamond, K Northern Arizona
Andre Francis, DB New Mexico State
Willie Gittens, RB Arizona State
Al Gross, DB Arizona
Mark Hicks, LB Arizona State
Jim Jeffcoat, DE Arizona State
Mark Keel, TE Arizona
Jeff Keiwel, G Arizona
Mike Langston, DE Arizona State
Kevin Magee, WR New Mexico
Vernon Maxwell, LB Arizona State
Glenn McCormick, C Arizona
Alvin Moore, RB Arizona State
Tony Neely, DB Arizona
Dave Osborn, QB New Mexico
Glenn Perkins, LB Arizona
Mike Richardson, DB Arizona State
Chris Schultz, T Arizona
Ron Sowers, G Arizona State
Ron Thomas, LB Northern Arizona
Kevin Ward, WR Arizona
Ron Wetzel, TE Arizona State

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