Chosen by the USFL's hometown Los Angeles Express in the 5th round of the 1983 USFL Draft, UCLA quarterback Tom Ramsey considered waiting to see if he could make an NFL squad.  Surmising that he'd likely not be picked up by the Rams (he was, in fact, drafted by the Patriots in the 10th round of the NFL Draft that April) he opted to sign with the Express, where the hometown hero conducted the team to an 8-10-0 record and a second place finish in the USFL's Pacific Division.

But after a season in Los Angeles where he split quarterbacking duties with Mike Rae, an outside force intervened:  Steve Young.  The signing of the BYU quarterback to an astronomical contract coupled with a change in the ownership and management of the Express for all intent and purpose put Ramsey out of a job in L.A.  He would toil around in pro football for the rest of the 80's, including four years in the NFL with the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts and almost always in a back-up role.  The success he desired on the pro football field never really materialized, but he would be successful once his playing days were done.

After his playing career Tom entered the business world in the field of sales and marketing.  Ultimately he joined as its Vice President of National Advertising Sales and Strategic Acquisitions, a position he left in December 2002 to join Starz Encore television.  Quickly promoted within the organization, today Ramsey serves as a Vice President for Starz Encore.


Los Angeles Express
(shown here with the
New England Patriots)


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