October 11, aside from being the birthday of USFL.INFO's founder, could be considered a special day on the calendar for Tim Mazzetti.

Tim Mazzetti was at first glance an unlikely candidate to be a professional football player.  His upbringing was a learned one in exotic Sao Paulo, Brazil.  But it proved instrumental in his ability to kick a football, and when his scholastic abilities took him to the University of Pennsylvania and its prestigious Wharton School of Business, his kicking ability came with him.

His playing days at Penn ending, Mazzetti bounced around training camps in the summer of 1978.  First New England, then Philadelphia took a look at Mazzetti, then passed.  He caught on with the Atlanta Falcons, who decided to make a change at kicker and signed Mazzetti on - October 11.  Mazzetti would remain with the Falcons through the 1980 season, but was cut by the team near the end of its 1981 training camp.

Unable to find a team for 1982, he signed as a free agent with the Boston Breakers in 1983 and made himself the subject of a great pro football trivia question in the process.  "Who was the first player to score a point in the USFL?"  You guessed it, Tim Mazzetti, who nailed a 30 yard field goal in the Breakers inaugural game against the Tampa Bay Bandits.  Mazzetti would move along with the Breakers to New Orleans, then to Portland, wrapping up his football days there in 1985.  In New Orleans however he had found a calling for his post-football career:  commercial real estate.

Learning the business during off-seasons, Mazzetti's interests eventually evolved into commercial real estate lending, joining Midland Loan Services in 1994 and becoming its Executive Vice President.  There Mazzetti was instrumental in growing Midland into a major player in the industry.  Then in 2006 - on October 11 - Mazzetti "signed on" as the Executive Vice President of Cohen Financial, a global leader in the commercial real estate lending industry.  While today Mazzetti's probably makes more money in a month than he did during his entire USFL career, if not for that three years in the league its likely his life would have taken a significantly different path.


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