Player, Position College/University
Caesar Aldisert, LB Pittsburgh
Troy Benson, LB Pittsburgh
Russell Carter, WR Temple
Greg Christy, G Pittsburgh
Eddie Colson, RB North Carolina
Chris Doleman, LB Pittsburgh
Bill Fralic, T Pittsburgh
Nick Gancitano, K Penn State
Nick Haden, C Penn State
Ethan Horton, RB North Carolina
Marlon McIntyre, RB Pittsburgh
Don McMullin, TE Temple
Michah Moon, LB North Carolina
Tony Mumford, RB Penn State
Greg Naron, G North Carolina
Bobby Pope, T North Carolina
Dan Reeder, RB Delaware
Stan Short, T Penn State
Bruce Smith, DE Virginia Tech
Doug Strang, QB Penn State
Chris Sydnor, DB Penn State
Blair Talmadge, DB Lehigh
Bill Wallace, WR Pittsburgh
Rocky Washington, WR Penn State
Ali Witherspoon, LB Delaware
Anthony Young, DB Temple

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