Player, Position College/University
Walker Lee Ashley, DT Penn State
Mark Battaglia, C Penn State
Reggie Brown, WR Temple
Kelvin Bryant, RB North Carolina
Joel Coles, RB Penn State
Bill Contz, T Penn State
Dave Drechsler, G North Carolina
Gregg Garrity, WR Penn State
Ralph Giacomarro, P Penn State
Roger Jackson, DB Penn State
Sammy Johnson, DB North Carolina
Ken Kelley, LB Penn State
Dave Laube, G Penn State
Mike McClearn, T Temple
Mike McCloskey, TE Penn State
Dave Opfar, DT Penn State
Dave Paffenroth, LB Penn State
Guy Peters, DT Temple
Kevin Phelan, WR Delaware
Greg Poole, DB North Carolina
George Schmitt, DB Delaware
Peter Speros, T Penn State
Ron Spruill, G North Carolina
Chris Ward, LB North Carolina
Curt Warner, RB Penn State
Mike Wilcher, LB North Carolina

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