In the final stages of an 11-year career in the National Football League with the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions, Stan White was an undesirable in the league due to his involvement in the 1982 players strike.  The Lions had made it a point to tell White he was unwelcome in Detroit in 1983, though as a member of the NFL Players' Association's executive committee it would have seemed vindictive to release him.

So when George Allen and the Chicago Blitz came calling, White was eager to sign up with the new league.  The $200,000 annual salary - $ 60,000 more than he earned in his last year with the Lions - didn't hurt, either.  White would go on to play for Allen for two years, one in Chicago and the next in Phoenix after the famed Blitz/Wranglers franchise swap in 1984.  After the 1984 season White had had enough of pro football and hung up his cleats - and hung out his shingle.

Returning to the Baltimore area, White today practices law but remains involved in the game as a member of the team on Ravens GameDay, the pre- and post-game radio show of WBAL radio.  Son Stan Jr., who was born during White's stint with the Blitz, was a member of Ohio State's national championship football squad at fullback, completing his collegiate career after the 2006 season.


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