Though Marvin Warner was the owner of the Birmingham Stallions for all but its final days, it was team President Jerry Sklar who held things together when Warner's finances hit the skids.
Sklar, a Missippi native, was in his heart a sports fan, and to that end when Warner became embroiled in a financial scandal that forced him to withdraw as the Stallions chief financial backer, Sklar did everything short of selling popcorn in the stands to help keep the Stallions operating through 1985.
At his persuasive best, Sklar managed to get financing to keep the team going from the City of Birmingham as well as local business owners - people who should have known better, but liked Sklar and thought the Stallions were an asset to the community.

Owner and Chairman Marvin L. Warner, Sr.
Vice Chairman of the Board Marvin L. Warner, Jr.
President Jerry Sklar
Head Coach Rollie Dotsch
Administrative Assistant Janet Wood
Business Manager Gaylon Hardin
Director of Public Relations Hal Hayes
Director of Marketing Pat Speer
Director of Ticket Operations Bob Lochamy
Director of Sales Joe Reid
Coordinator of Special Events Michael Randman
Director of Fillies Karle Julian
Team Photographer R.D. Moore
Director of Player Personnel Bob Gates
Assistant Head Coach Hank Kuhlmann
Defensive Coordinator Carl Reese
Defensive Line Coach Pat James 
Linebacker Coach John Mitchell
Tight End and Receivers Coach Rich McGeorge
Special Teams Coach Jim Hilyer
Equipment Manager Tom Conner
Assistant Equipment Manager Jeff Cornelius
Head Trainer Mike Roberts
Team Physician Dr. Larry Lemak
Executive Secretary Dianne Rooker

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