For 1985, the USFL assigned Alabama, Auburn, Alabama State, Mississippi, Troy State and West Virginia as the Birmingham Stallions territorial schools. 
Perhaps the most notable names on the '85 Stallions territorial draft list were Willie Drewrey, Kevin Greene, Freddie Joe Nunn and Ron Wolfley, each of which went on to have roles on NFL clubs.
Having been abandoned by owner Marvin Warner, the Stallions were scrambling for cash throughout 1985, and as a result signed few if any of their territorial draft picks.

Player, Position College/University
Clayton Beauford, WR Auburn
Rob Bennett, TE West Virginia
Gregg Carr, LB Auburn
Paul Ott Carruth, RB Alabama
Nat Ceasar, DB Auburn
Carey Christensen, QB Troy State
Thomas Clark, DB Troy State
Rufus Cox, WR Troy State
Willie Drewrey, WR West Virginia
Mitch Geier, G Troy State
Kevin Greene, DE Auburn
David King, DB Auburn
Emanuel King, LB Alabama
Bill Legg, LB West Virginia
Albert Marvin, DE Alabama State
Tim Moffett, WR Mississippi
Ricky Moore, RB Alabama
Freddie Joe Nunn, DE Mississippi
Ron O'Neal, RB Auburn
Karl Powe, WR Alabama State
Terry Sanders, P Alabama
Ben Thomas, DT Auburn
Greg Walker, T Mississippi
Ron Wolfley, RB West Virginia
Paul Woodside, K West Virginia

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