The territorial "draft" was a novel concept conceived by USFL founder David Dixon as a means of attracting fans who wanted to see local college talent as their careers began in the professional ranks.
Each USFL franchise was given a designated list of colleges from which they could select up to 26 players total.  The USFL rights to those players then belonged to their selecting team, without competition.
Players who were on a team's territorial list were subsequently prevented from being chosen in the USFL's regular college draft. 

Player, Position College/University
Joe Beazley, G Alabama
Gary Bramblett, G Alabama
Melvin Brown, DB Mississippi
Jeremiah Castille, DB Alabama
Bob Cayavec, T Alabama
Jackie Cline, DT Alabama
Dennis Collier, DB Auburn
Tony Dalton, G Mississippi
Jeff Fagan, RB Alabama
Bob Harris, DB Auburn
Mike Harmon, WR Mississippi
Steve Herring, C Mississippi
Scott Homan, DT Alabama
Robbie Jones, LB Alabama
Peter Kim, K Alabama
James Lane, LB Alabama State
Eddie Lowe, DB Alabama
Christopher Martin, LB Auburn
Steve Mott, C Alabama
Pat Phenix, T Mississippi
Mike Pitts, DE Alabama
Bishop Reeves, C Auburn
Earl Stewart, LB Alabama State
Andre Thomas, RB Mississippi
Tommy Wilcox, DB Alabama
Russ Wood, TE Alabama

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