The entity that formally owned the Showboats (Memphis Showboats, Ltd.) was intended to exist until December 31, 2015. 
Roughly half of the money raised from the sale of limited partnerships was used to pay for player salaries.
The Showboats received roughly $960,000 in network television revenue in 1984, a 1/18th share of the league's deal with ABC.
The USFL's dispersal draft, held after the 1984 season, was very kind indeed to the Memphis Showboats.
John Banaszak and John Corker, for example, were left unprotected following the merger of the Michigan Panthers with the Oakland Invaders, and the Showboats snapped them both up. 
Sam Clancy, who was a key member of the Pittsburgh Maulers defensive unit, was also added to the Memphis defense for 1985.
Tyrone McGriff was also left unprotected after the Michigan/Oakland merger, and also would call Memphis home for 1985.
Finally, RB Tim Spencer, a first-round draft choice of the Chicago Blitz in 1983, was left unprotected following the merger of the Oklahoma Outlaws and Arizona Wranglers.  The Showboats grabbed him as well.
The Showboats also acquired Harry Sydney from the Denver Gold.  Sydney had been a leading rusher for the team during its first two seasons.
These additions to the roster were a factor in the team's 1985 improvement, going from 7-11-0 to 11-7-0 and making the USFL playoffs.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1984 1985
Albright, David LB San Jose State - X
Arnaud, John S Iowa State - X
Banaszak, John DT Eastern Michigan - X
Bearden, Steve DE Vanderbilt X X
Bessillieu, Don CB Georgia Tech - X
Bolinger, Russ G Cal State Long Beach - X
Bradley, Gerald WR Weber State - X
Brewington, Mike LB East Carolina - X
Brown, Preston WR Vanderbilt - X
Bussey, Barney CB South Carolina State - X
Cade, Mossy CB Texas - X
Carney, Cormac WR UCLA X -
Clancy, Sam DE Pittsburgh - X
Clark, Calvin DE Purdue X X
Cokeley, Will LB Kansas - X
Coleman, Leonard CB Vanderbilt - X
Corker, John LB Oklahoma State - X
Crawford, Derrick WR Memphis State X X
Dalatri, Brian T Louisiana Tech X -
Dameron, Kim WR Arkansas X -
Doolittle, Steve LB Colorado X -
Duncan, Alan K Tennessee X X
Fitzgerald, Mickey RB Virginia Tech X -
Floyd, Leonard WR Tennessee State X -
Fox, Mike CB San Diego State - X
Goodlow, Daryl LB Oklahoma - X
Grant, Mike LB East Carolina X X
Gunn, Carlton DL Carson-Newman X -
Hammond, Steve LB Wake Forest X X
Hayes, Jay DL Idaho - X
Heflin, Van TE Vanderbilt X X
Horton, Mike G UCLA X -
Howard, Bryan CB Tennessee State X -
Huff, Gary QB Florida State - X
Huffman, David T Notre Dame - X
Johnson, Ken QB Colorado X -
Jeffers, Lamont LB Tennessee X -
Jordan, Anthony WR Memphis State X -
Jonker, Kurt G Augustana X -
Kelley, Mike QB Georgia Tech X X
Krahenbuhl, Doug LB Colorado X -
Kuehn, Art T UCLA X X
Lewis, Walter QB Alabama X X
Love, Terry CB Murray State X -
Major, Doran S Memphis State X X
McCue, Randy CB Eastern Illinois X -
McGriff, Tyrone OL Florida A&M - X
McKinnely, Phil T UCLA X -
Middleton, Terdell RB Memphis State X -
Miller, Jim P Mississippi - X
Minor, Vic CB Northeast Louisiana X -
Moser, Greg WR Oregon - X
Odums, Ray CB Alabama - X
Osborne, Ron CB Iowa State - X
Parker, Anthony RB Memphis State X X
Partridge, Rick K Utah X -
Penaranda, Jairo RB UCLA X -
Pfohl, Larry T Miami (Florida) X -
Peoples, Carlton CB Tennessee X -
Porter, Ricky RB Slippery Rock - X
Quarters, Cornelius RB Howard X -
Raugh, Mark Te West Virginia - X
Reid, Alan RB Minnesota X -
Roberts, Greg G Oklahoma X -
Roe, Bill LB Colorado X -
Rose, Carlton LB Michigan - X
Rubens, Larry G Montana State - X
Sharpe, Luis T UCLA - X
Shirk, Gary TE Morehead State X X
Shiver, Sanders LB Carson-Newman - X
Shoate, Rod LB Oklahoma X -
Smith, Frank TE Memphis State X -
Smith, Ken T Miami (Ohio) X X
Spencer, Tim RB Ohio State - X
Stewart, James CB Memphis State X -
Sydney, Harry RB Kansas - X
Taylor, Derrick CB Purdue X -
Times, Ken NT Southern X -
Walker, Jimmy DT Arkansas X -
White, Billy RB Missouri X -
White, Reggie DT Tennessee X X
Whittington, Mike LB Notre Dame X -
Williams, Brett DE Austin Peay X -
Williams, Henry WR East Carolina - X
Williams, Leon CB Colorado X -
Williams, Leonard RB Western Carolina X -
Williamson, Ricky DE Mars Hill X -
Woods, Robert T Tennessee - X
Yates, Willis LB Tennessee - Chattanooga X -

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