The Showboats territorial schools for 1985 included Vanderbilt, Memphis State, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee, and strangely, UCLA.
While territorial assignments had been a little quirky in prior seasons (such as the Boston Breakers having rights to select players from the University of Nebraska), the Showboats gaining access to UCLA players was unique:  the league had a franchise in Los Angeles, after all.
Among the Showboats 1985 territorial selections were Steve Bono, who would later make a splash in the NFL as a back-up for the 49ers, Duval Love, who would go on to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and kicker Fuad Reveiz, who went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings. 
Reveiz' accuracy was considered a question mark by sports bettors, who when posed with a bet on Vikings games pondered whether they should "put a wad on Fuad..."

Player, Position College/University
Ricky Anderson, K Vanderbilt
Danny Andrews, WR UCLA
Dwight Blalock, TE Memphis State
Steve Bono, QB UCLA
Derrick Burrows, DB Memphis State
Neal Dellocono, LB UCLA
Jim Dralle, C Vanderbilt
Donnie Elder, DB Memphis State
Vince Hall, RB Middle Tennessee State
Rick Hechinger, T Memphis State
Herman Hunter, RB Tennessee State
Johnnie Jones, RB Tennessee
Tim Long, G Memphis State
Duval Love, T UCLA
Bill Mayo, G Tennessee
Bob Monaco, T Vanderbilt
Jack Oliver, G Memphis State
Fuad Reveiz, K Tennessee
Chuck Scott, WR Vanderbilt
Tony Simmons, DT Tennessee
Alvin Toles, LB Tennessee
James Williams, RB Memphis State
Manuel Young, DB Vanderbilt
Mike Young, WR UCLA
Carl Zander, LB Tennessee

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