The 1985 Orlando Renegades won almost as many games (5) in one season as the Washington Federals had (7) in two.
The team's improvement was unable to prevent it from finishing at the bottom of the USFL's Eastern Conference standings, however.
The Renegades drew significantly better than the Federals had at the box office, attracting nearly 25,000 fans per game to the Florida Citrus Bowl.
The Renegades were one of eight franchises that were prepared to play in the fall of 1986 prior to the verdict in USFL v. NFL.

Renegades owner Donald Dizney was no stranger to the USFL, having been a limited partner in the nearby Tampa Bay Bandits.

The Renegades were relocated from Washington, D.C., where the team played in 1983-84 as the Washington Federals.

Federals owner Berl Bernhard had received approval from the other USFL owners to sell his franchise to Sherwood "Woody" Weiser, who intended to relocate the team to Miami for 1985.  Two days after the USFL announced its plans to move to a fall schedule beginning in 1986 however, Weiser dropped out, saying he wanted no part of competing head to head with the NFL's Dolphins.

Today Dizney serves as chairman of the board of United Medical Corporation, the owner/operator of a chain of hospitals.  He's also active in horse racing as the owner of Double Diamond Farm, as well as his service as President of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' & Owners' Association.

The Renegades were able to be placed in Orlando due to the USFL's Constitutional provisions on a team's territorial limits.  Each USFL team was given exclusive right to play USFL games in an area measuring 75 miles from its home city.  As Orlando is 97 miles from Tampa, the Renegades

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