The deal to acquire the Washington Federals and bring them to Orlando was struck over the course of a week.
When Sherwood "Woody" Weiser walked away from his plans to purchase the Feds and move them to Miami on August 24, 1984, Donald Dizney immediately stepped forward, expressing interest in buying the team for Orlando.
Dizney, who had been a limited partner in the Tampa Bay Bandits and therefore already approved by the league's ownership, quickly disposed of his interest in the Bandits and came to terms with Washington Federals owner Berl Bernhard.
Bernhard was more than happy to close the deal with Dizney that had fallen through with Weiser, having lost millions with the Feds and having no desire to have his team compete head to head with the NFL's Redskins in 1986.  As it was, the team couldn't compete for fans against the popular NFL club as a spring venture. 

Player Name Pos. College/University 1985
Atkins, Kelvin LB Illinois X
Bledsoe, Curtis RB San Diego State X
Brockhaus, Jeff K Missouri X
Brown, Val DE Florida X
Byrom, Bruce C Maryland X
Cater, Greg P Tennessee - Chattanooga X
Claitt, Rickey RB Bethune-Cookman X
Collier, Reggie QB Southern Mississippi X
Corbin, Don T Kentucky X
Doerger, Jerry T Wisconsin X
Dornbrook, Thom G Kentucky X
Echols, Don TE Oklahoma State X
Ehrmann, Joe DT Syracuse X
Farr, James G Clemson X
Fischer, Mark C Notre Dame X
Flowers, Jackie WR Florida State X
Freeman, Ron LB Pittsburg State X
Fulton, Ed G Maryland X
George, Jeff CB Illinois State X
Golsteyn, Jerry QB Northern Illinois X
Gray, Elbert CB Weber State X
Graham, David DE Morehouse X
Guess, Mike S Ohio State X
Harrison, Marck RB Wisconsin X
Hutchinson, Scott DT Florida X
Jackson, Ed LB Louisiana Tech X
Jackson, Victor S Bowie State X
Kellin, Kevin DT Minnesota X
McAleney, Ed DT Massachusetts X
McCallister, Fred LB Florida X
Mikolajczyk, Ron G Tampa X
Miller, William RB Ouchita Baptist X
Morgan, Wilford WR Bethune-Cookman X
Muransky, Ed T Michigan X
Musselman, Brian C Virginia X
Niziolek, Bob TE Colorado X
Odom, Henry RB South Carolina State X
Parrish, Jerry WR Eastern Kentucky X
Patten, Joel T Duke X
Pisarkiewicz, Steve QB Missouri X
Randolph, Harold LB East Carolina X
Riggins, Charles DE Bethune-Cookman X
Sanchez, Lupe CB UCLA X
Scott, James DE Clemson X
Smith, Jeff WR Cal Poly X
Times, Ken DT Southern X
Walters, Joey WR Clemson X
West, Bernard LB North Texas State X
Wheeler, Tom WR Florida State X
Wilson, Lee CB San Diego State X

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