A number of Renegades players came by way of a dispersal draft held after the 1984 season.
The Pittsburgh Maulers and Chicago Blitz disbanded after the season's end, while two pairs of franchises (Arizona and Oklahoma, Michigan and Oakland) had excess players after being merged.
Unfortunately in the Renegades case the tended to acquire more players from the Blitz and Maulers than from the Michigan/Oakland combo, which didn't improve their team on the field that much.

Record Record Holder Year Performance
Points Scored Jeff Brockhaus 1985 70
Yards Passing Reggie Collier 1985 2,578
Touchdowns Passing Reggie Collier 1985 13
Yards Rushing Curtis Bledsoe 1985 781
Touchdowns Rushing Reggie Collier 1985 12
Receptions Joey Walters 1985 58
Yards Receiving Joey Walters 1985 784
Punts Greg Cater 1985 87
Interceptions Victor Jackson 1985 8
. Jeff George 1985 8
Sacks Scott Hutchinson 1985 5.0

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