Donald Dizney was able to place his team in Orlando thanks to the USFL's Constitution, which established that no team could move within 75 miles of another league team.
The Tampa Bay Bandits, the closest USFL team to Dizney's Renegades, were 97 miles away, just barely outside the Bandits territory.
The move would be today's equivalent of baseball's Colorado Rockies pulling up stakes and moving to Tucson, Arizona - a little too close for comfort as far as the Arizona Diamondbacks would be concerned.

Recent photo of Donald R. Dizney, Florida health
care industry giant and former Tampa Bay Bandits
limited partner who decided he wanted a team
of his own, buying the Washington Federals
and moving them to Orlando for 1985.

1985 Orlando Renegades team photo, with a young Donald Dizney front and center.
Head coach Lee Corso is at the far right of the third row.

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