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May 11 - The USFL announces its intention to play spring football beginning in 1983.  Among the league's charter franchises is one based in Washington D.C., which would eventually be known as the Federals.

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May 9 - With the Washington Federals not competitive on the field and losing money at the gate, majority partner Berl Bernhard sells the team to Sherwood "Woody" Weiser, effective at the end of the 1984 season.  Weiser intends to relocate the franchise to Miami for 1985.
August 22 - The USFL's owners vote to move to a fall season of play beginning with the 1986 season.  Two days later, Sherwood Weiser walks away from his purchase of the Feds.
September 1 - Donald Dizney, a limited partner of the Tampa Bay Bandits, acquires the Federals, intending to relocate the franchise to Orlando, Florida for 1985.

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Years Played in USFL: 1985
Club Owner(s): Donald R. Dizney
Playing Site: Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida
Head Coach(es): Lee Corso
Overall Record: 5-13-0
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Year Head Coach W L T Pct. Finish Post-Season Notes
1985 Lee Corso 5 13 0 .278 Eastern Conf. Failed to Qualify
Team Totals 5 13 0 .278 --- -

Over the course of a ten day span, the United States Football League had a franchise that was located in Washington, D.C., but headed for Miami after the 1984 season, only to have the buyer back out, a new buyer step in, and the team headed for Orlando instead of Miami for 1985.  Confused?  Well, perhaps you won't be after you read this, the story of how Orlando's Renegades came to be.  
Having suffered a 4-14-0 inaugural season and in the middle of an even worse 3-15-0 campaign, Berl Bernhard had given up on trying to convince fans in the nation's capital that his Federals were worth supporting.  The NFL's Redskins had won a league championship in 1982, and the luster of that title had far from worn off.  The Feds meanwhile were getting outdrawn at the gate by the Washington Capitals hockey team.  It was time to make a change. 

Enter Sherwood "Woody" Weiser, a Florida real estate developer who wanted to bring the USFL to Miami.  Over the course of some weeks, Weiser and Bernhard negotiated a deal whereby Weiser would pay $5.5 million for the franchise, relocating it to Miami for the 1985 season.  At a May 9th owners meeting, the deal received the unanimous approval of the USFL's other owners, and the league looked foward to a Miami franchise, some even speculating that the team would host a championship game there someday.  But before the deal could be done, it was done away with.  On August 22, 1984, the league's owners, against the advice of a firm they themselves had commissioned to study the possibility, elected to move to a fall schedule beginning in 1986.

Weiser was floored.  What the hell was this all about?  There was no way Weiser was going to go head to head with the NFL's Dolphins in the Miami market.  Weiser called Bernhard:  the deal was off.

Upon learning that Weiser had backed out however, a new face emerged in the form of Tampa Bay Bandits limited partner Donald Dizney:  would Bernhard sell to him under the same terms?  Bernhard quickly closed the deal, and on September 1, 1984 it was announced that Dizney had brought the USFL to Orlando.

Unfortunately, the Renegades of 1985 bore a striking resemblance in many ways to the Federals of 1983-84.  Colorful Lee Corso was brought in as the head coach, but a much-needed complete overhaul of the roster wasn't effected, contributing to the team's 5-13-0 showing in its only season.  Attendance in Orlando was below 25,000 per game, which particularly stung considering that the 'Gades drew well against their I-4 rival Tampa Bay Bandits.  Nevertheless, Dizney was prepared to go forward with a second season in Orlando - a fall season in which the Renegades, unlike the Bandits, would have no direct local competition - when the USFL v. NFL verdict was announced.  Within days the 1986 season was cancelled, and the Renegades were scalped.

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