David Dixon's original plans for the USFL were to hold the line when it came to spending as part of a minimum three year strategy toward building the league as a viable alternative to the NFL.
Panthers owner A. Alfred Taubman however greatly exceeded Dixon's initial salary cap suggestions, losing a reported $6 million in 1983 alone.
Under Dixon's original plan, $6 million should have operated a USFL franchise for almost four full seasons.

Panthers head coach Jim Stanley took 1985 off, then joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their defensive coordinator.  Today he's still active in pro football as a scout for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Defensive assistant coach Larry Coyer is currently a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff.

Panthers minority owner James Spivak served as the interim commissioner of the USFL from September 1981 until the hiring of Chet Simmons in June, 1982.

The popular Panthers logo depicted on their helmet was not the original choice of owner A. Alfred Taubman, who instead picked another design.  The league however asked him to reconsider, seeing the marketing potential in the design that was ultimately used.

Bobby Hebert was the Most Valuable Player of the 1983 USFL Championship Game, and was among those most likely to win the 1985 Championship Game award had his Oakland Invaders defeated the Baltimore Stars.

The Chicago Blitz were heavily favored to win the USFL Central Division in 1983, but the Panthers winning 11 of their final 13 regular season games propelled them to a surprising 12-6-0 finish, beating out the Blitz via tiebreakers for the division crown.

On December 6, 1984, the Michigan Panthers ceased to exist as members of the USFL, the franchise being merged into that of Tad Taube's Oakland Invaders.  The corporation controlling the team would continue to exist in a technical sense until 1991, however.

Panthers majority owner A. Alfred Taubman was convicted on conspiracy charges in 2001 and sentenced to 366 days in prison.  Max Fisher and Peter Spivak, Taubman's minority partners in the Panthers, have since died.

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