The Panthers formal name was "The Michigan Panthers Football Club, Inc."
What eventually became the Michigan Panthers was incorporated in the state of Michigan on May 28, 1982 under the unassuming and memorable name of "MMW-823, Inc."
MMW-823, Inc. was renamed "The Detroit Panthers Football Club, Inc." on September 29, 1982.
Less than 45 days later, the corporation was renamed again, this time to the name by which it became known.  
The Michigan Panthers Football Club, Inc. was dissolved on October 19, 1988.  For some reason though, the paperwork wouldn't be filed through the State of Michigan for two and a half years.
The Panthers formally, officially, and finally died on March 21, 1991.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984
Anderson, Curtis DE Central State X -
Arnaud, John S Iowa State X X
Banaszak, John DE Eastern Michigan X X
Bentley, Albert RB Miami (Florida) - X
Bentley, Ray LB Central Michigan X X
Bethea, Larry DE Michigan State - X
Bojovic, Novo K Central Michigan X X
Borland, Kyle LB Wisconsin X X
Braswell, Matt C Georgia - X
Brody, Marion S Michigan X -
Broughton, Walter WR Jacksonville State - X
Butts, Marcus DE -- - X
Cannavino, Andy LB Michigan X X
Carter, Anthony WR Michigan X X
Chapman, Clarence CB Eastern Michigan X X
Cobb, Mike TE Michigan State X X
Cokeley, Will LB Kansas X X
Corker, John LB Oklahoma State X X
Cox, Steve G Tulsa X -
Davis, Oliver CB Tennessee State - X
Dokes, Phil DE Oklahoma State X -
Dornbrook, Thom G Kentucky - X
Echols, Don TE Oklahoma State X X
Edwards, Mike LB Michigan State X X
Ellis, Tony RB Michigan State X -
Fairchild, Greg T Tulsa X -
Futrell, Bobby CB Elizabeth City State - X
Gill, Max  DE Northern Illinois - X
Girgash, Paul LB Michigan - X
Godfrey, Chris T Michigan X X
Graham, Russ T Oklahoma State X -
Gray, Elbert CB Weber State X X
Green, Willie DE Mississippi Valley State - X
Greenwood, David S Wisconsin X X
Hagen, Mike RB Montana X -
Hargrove, Jim RB Wake Forest X -
Hayes, Jay DE Idaho - X
Hebert, Bobby QB Northwest Louisiana State X X
Holloway, Derek WR Arkansas X X
Ingram, Ron WR Oklahoma State X -
Jackson, Jeff DE Toledo X -
Jenkins, Mark T Cincinnati - X
Lacy, Ken RB Tulsa X X
Land, Mel LB Michigan State X -
Logan, Fred CB Cincinnati X -
Mack, Jon P Northwood Institute - X
Mansfield, Von CB Wisconsin - X
Mantos, Marv G Michigan State X -
McClain, Frank WR North Texas State X X
McCrimmon, Larry WR Cameron State ~ X
McGriff, Tyrone G Florida A&M X X
McKeever, Vito CB Florida - X
Miller, Cleo RB Arkansas - Pine Bluff X X
Miller, Mark QB Bowling Green X -
Miller, Terry RB Oklahoma State - X
Moriarty, Tom S Bowling Green - X
O'Neal, Ken TE Idaho State - X
Osborne, Ron CB Iowa State X X
Osbun, Tom T Michigan - X
Paggett, Ronnie DE Louisiana Tech X X
Patrick, Linnie WR Alabama - X
Pennywell, Robert LB Grambling X X
Piette, Tom C Michigan State X -
Pinney, Ray T Washington X X
Puha, Dennis DT Nevada - Reno - X
Radloff, Wayne C Georgia X X
Rae, Mike QB Southern California - X
Rose, Carlton LB Michigan - X
Singletary, Reggie DT Kansas State - X
Taylor, Whit QB Vanderbilt X X
Tipton, David NG Western Illinois X X
Turnere, Tom C Washington - X
Vitale, Tony G Central Michigan X -
Williams, John RB Wisconsin X X
Wiska, Jeff G Michigan State - X
Young, Rickey LB Kansas X -

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