The Panthers endeavored to spread their presence around the Detroit metropolitan area through their operations as well as their marketing efforts.
The team was considered to be Detroit-based, but played at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.
The club's executive offices meanwhile were in Rochester, Michigan, at 575 Woodward Street. 
Vince Lombardi, Jr. was brought on as the Panthers President and General Manager for the team's 1984 season.  Lombardi, of course, is the son of Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach Vince Lombardi, who guided the NFL's Green Bay Packers to five league championships during the 1960's.
Lombardi earned a law degree, then went on to win a seat in the state legislature - in Minnesota of all places, where he father earned many a victory over one of the Packers chief rivals, the Minnesota Vikings.
Today Lombardi spends his time as the chief protector of his father's well deserved legacy, and is active on the public speaking circuit.

Majority Owner and Chairman A. Alfred Taubman
Minority Owner Max M. Fisher
Minority Owner Peter B. Spivak
General Manager (1983) James J. Spavital
President and General Manager (1984) Vince Lombardi, Jr.
Vice President and Treasurer Shire Rothbart
Vice President Larry Winokur
President and General Manager (1984) Vince Lombardi, Jr.
Assistant General Manager (1983);
Director of Operations (1984)
Michael F. Keller
Director of Marketing H.J. (Tom) Thompson
Director of Media Relations and Promotions (1983) Bruno L. Kearns
Director of Public Relations (1984) Ken Hoffman
Director of Publicity Jerry Kissel
Director of Advertising and Sales Ralph Harris
Head Coach Jim Stanley
Offensive Assistant Coach George C. Dickson
Offensive Assistant Coach Robert Leahy
Offensive Assistant Coach Kent C. Stephenson
Defensive Assistant Coach Larry Coyer
Defensive Assistant Coach Richard J. Roach
Defensive Assistant Coach Pete Rodriguez
Assistant to the Coach (1983);
Offensive Assistant Coach (1984)
Michael G. Long
Assistant to the Coach (1984) Robert Morgan
Head Trainer Jay Shoop
Equipment Manager Alan D. (Ottie) Steien
Assistant Trainer Kevin Downey
Equipment Assistant J.W. Hodge
Executive Accountant Charles Cushnack
Executive Secretary to the General Manager Martha Conlan
Administrative Assistant Gene Konley
Administrative Secretary Nancy Rice
Scout Gary Carroll
Scout Tom Steigleder
Executive Marketing Secretary Pamela Eschik
Public Relations Assistant Kerry Jo King
Special Projects Carol Yerby
Box Office and Ticket Manager Mary Beth Welton
Box Office Assistant John Fitzgerald

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