The Panthers territorial schools for 1984 were Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Michigan, and Michigan State.
For the 1984 territorial draft, each of the 12 charter USFL teams from 1983 was permitted to select 20 players.
The six 1984 expansion teams were permitted to select up to 30 players from their territorial schools. 

Player, Position College/University
Scott Auer Michigan State
Carl Banks, LB Michigan State
Vince Bean, WR Michigan
Mike Boren, LB Michigan
Don Bracken, P Michigan
Richard Calhoun, RB Eastern Michigan
Milt Carthens, TE Michigan
Evan Cooper, DB Michigan
Darryl Dixon, DB Michigan State
Tom Dixon, C Michigan
Shawn Faulkner, RB Western Michigan
Nate Hannah, DB Michigan State
Tom Hassel, LB Michigan
Stefan Humphries, G Michigan
Demetrius Jones, DB Western Michigan
John Lott, DB Michigan
Rod Lyles, LB Michigan
David Marshall, LB Eastern Michigan
Steve Smith, QB Michigan
Daryl Turner, WR Michigan State

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