The territorial draft was a novel idea conceived by USFL founder David Dixon. 
Not a "draft" in the truest sense of the term, each USFL team was given a list of colleges and universities to which they would have an exclusive opportunity to select players, claiming their USFL rights.
The territorial selections were conducted by the teams, who communicated their choices to the league office in writing.
Once "selected," a player's USFL rights belonged to that club, and "drafted" players were ineligible from selection in the regular college draft.

Player, Position College/University
Ray Bentley, LB Central Michigan
Marion Body, DB Michigan
Novo Bojovic, K Central Michigan
Bonjiovanna Bonner, DB Eastern Michigan
Keith Bostic, DB Michigan
Winfred Carraway, DE Michigan
Anthony Carter, WR Michigan
Smiley Creswell, DE Michigan State
Craig Dunaway, TE Michigan
Tony Ellis, RB Michigan State
Paul Girgash, LB Michigan
Otis Grant, WR Michigan State
Ali Haji-Sheikh, K Michigan
Terry Hawkins, RB Michigan State
Derek Hughes, RB Michigan State
Ted Jones, WR Michigan State
John Leister, QB Michigan State
Mike Lemirande, LB Michigan
Steve Maidlow, LB Michigan State
Bob Phillips, WR Western Michigan
Tom Piette, C Michigan State
Lawrence Ricks, RB Michigan
Joe Stevens, DE Michigan State
Rich Strenger, T Michigan
Robert Thompson, DB Michigan
Duane Wilson, T Western Michigan

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