Quarterback Bobby Hebert would go on to continue his career in the NFL as a member of his hometown team, the New Orleans Saints.
1983 sixth round draft choice Ken Lacy signed with the Panthers to a two-year contract, after which he signed a substantially more lucrative deal with the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs.
After five weeks of the 1983 regular season, Panthers owner A. Alfred Taubman opened up his wallet and signed a number of veteran players that helped propel his team to the USFL Championship. 
Unfortunately, they also helped propel the Panthers toward the largest financial losses in the USFL for 1983, a reported $6 million.
By contrast, in David Dixon's conception of the league, he anticipated teams losing roughly $1 million in the first year. 

The Michigan Panthers selections in the 1983 USFL College Draft, held on January 4-5, 1983:
Round Selection Player, Position College
1 10 David Greenwood, CB-P Wisconsin
2 15 Wayne Radloff, C Georgia
3 34 Bobby Hebert, QB Northwest Louisiana
4 39 Paul Skansi, WR Washington
5 58 Whit Taylor, QB Vanderbilt
6 63 Traded to Washington -
6* 69* Ken Lacy, RB Tulsa
7 82 Craig Wederquist, T Drake
8 87 Ron Hopkins, DB Murray State
9 106 Stanley Washington, WR Texas Christian
10 111 Russell Graham, T Oklahoma
11 130 Traded to Washington -
12 135 Larry McCrimmon, QB Cameron
13 154 Kevin Sloan, T Washington State
14 159 John Williams, RB Wisconsin
15 178 Mike Green, LB Oklahoma State
16 183 Harold Brown, RB Iowa State
17 202 John Arnaud, DB Iowa
18 207 Will Cokeley, LB Kansas State
19 226 Steve Bisch, T Minnesota
20 231 Daryl Posey, RB Mississippi College
21 250 Ronnie Osborne, DB Iowa State
22 255 Brian Threlkeld, G Puget Sound
23 274 Derek Holloway, WR Arkansas
24 279 Gary Chachere, DT Oklahoma State

* - selection received in trade.

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