THOSE WHO OWNED FRANCHISES in the United States Football League, either as one of the league's founding fathers or having joined later in the league's short history, have some remarkable similarities.

The vast majority of them made at least a significant portion of their personal fortunes by means of real estate development of one sort or another - be it land acquisition and sale, building shopping malls or other centers, or dealing in commercial real estate.  Another shared trait was that for the vast majority of them, the USFL would prove to be a blip on their radar, a bump in the road for them financially as they went on to build vast empires worth far more than what they lost on their football teams.

Several have died, several live on today, but almost all of them took it upon themselves to undertake various philanthropic efforts in their post-USFL lives, yet another curious similarity between these men, the majority owners.  This section of USFL.INFO is aimed at giving some information about the league's owners - intrepid souls who felt spring football was an idea worth investing in. 

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