Though technically speaking the Outlaws acquired the Arizona Wranglers in the "merger" between the teams prior to the 1985 season, the result in some respects was surprising.
For instance, Outlaws head coach Woody Widenhofer was fired and replaced by Frank Kush, while the bulk of his assistants had been former Wranglers coaches under George Allen.
Steve des Georges had the distinction of being the only senior member of the front office staff to have survived the transition from the original Arizona Wranglers to the new Wranglers (following the "franchise swap" with the Chicago Blitz), to the transition to the Arizona Outlaws.

Owner William Tatham, Sr.
Owner, President and General Manager William Tatham, Jr.
Assistant General Manager and Player Personnel Director Bruce Kebric
Assistant Player Personnel Director (1984);
Director of Scouting and Linebackers Coach (1985)
Tim Mills
Football Operations Coordinator John Rehfield
Director of Public Relations (1984) Gil Swalls
Director of Public Relations (1985) Steve des Georges
Director of Marketing (1985) Tom George
Head Coach (1984) Robert "Woody" Widenhofer
Head Coach (1985) Frank Kush
Offensive Coordinator (1984) Ed Chlebek
Offensive Coordinator (1985) Roger Theder
Defensive Coordinator (1984) Jim Johnson
Defensive Coordinator (1985) Donald "Deek" Pollard
Offensive Line Coach (1984) Charlie Butler
Offensive Line Coach (1985) Mike Westhoff
Offensive Backs Coach (1984) Frank Novak
Running Backs Coach (1985) Skip Stress
Defensive Line Coach (1984) Jim McKinley 
Defensive Line Coach (1985) John Teerlinck
Linebackers Coach (1984) Ralph Staub
Receivers Coach (1985) Ben Hawkins
Strength and Conditioning Coach (1985) Warren Anderson

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