The Outlaws merged with the Arizona Wranglers in what was actually a buyout of the Wranglers franchise.
Wranglers owner Dr. Ted Diethrich, having seen millions of dollars go down the drain as owner of both the Wranglers and the Chicago Blitz, sold his franchise and the team's assets to William Tatham's Outlaws.
The Outlaws, who were looking to get out of Tulsa, acquired the lease at Sun Devil Stadium as part of the transaction, giving the team a home in the "Valley of the Sun."
By this time, Diethrich was simply looking to get out, period.

Player, Position College/University
Doug Allen, WR Arizona State
Steve Boadway, LB Arizona
Lynnden Brown, DB Arizona
Randall Cunningham, QB Nevada - Las Vegas
Charlie Dickey, G Arizona
Jay Dobyns, WR Arizona
Joe Drake, DT Arizona
Phil Freeman, RB Arizona
Louis Garza, T New Mexico State
Lamonte Hunley, LB Arizona
Johnny Jackson, LB New Mexico
Nick Johnson, DB New Mexico
Vance Johnson, RB Arizona
Kim Locklin, Rb New Mexico State
Tom Magazzeni, T Arizona State
Mike Mendoza, QB Northern Arizona
Jim Meyer, P Arizona State
Aaron Moog, DE Nevada - Las Vegas
Brian Noble, DE Arizona State
Tom Polley, LB Nevada - Las Vegas
Dalton Reed, DB Nevada - Las Vegas
Greg Turner, DB Arizona
Jimmy Williams, LB Arizona State 
David Wood, DT Arizona
Luis Zendejas, K Arizona State

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