Buying the Los Angeles Express from cable pioneers Alan Harmon and Bill Daniels, J. William Oldenburg was seen as a colorful character even within USFL circles.  Self-described as a billionaire complete with the nickname, "Mr. Dynamite," Oldenburg cleaned house in L.A., bringing in Don Klosterman as General Manager and replacing Hugh Campbell with head coach John Hadl.

"Mr. Dynamite" lived up to his nickname in fairly short order by signing BYU quarterback Steve Young on March 5, 1984 to the largest contract in professional sports history at the time - an estimated $ 40 million for four years.

Just four months later however and "Mr. Dynamite" had imploded - Oldenburg had hit the skids financially and essentially bailed on the Express.  While he would recover well enough to remain active in real estate and other business deals to this day, his involvement with the USFL came to a fairly abrupt, embarrassing end.


Los Angeles Express


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