Built as part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in 1975, Giants Stadium was built to serve as a home for the New York Giants, who moved from Shea Stadium beginning with the 1976 NFL season.  In 1983 the New Jersey Generals were born, but to readily admit that the Generals were playing in the home stadium of another team - and an NFL team at that - would be sacrilege.  To avoid this situation, the Gens and the USFL's television partners agreed to refer to the facility as simply "The Meadowlands," a practice adopted by the New York Jets when they joined the Giants as tenants at the stadium in 1984.  Sometimes the USFL's printed materials would slip and use "Giants Stadium," much to the dismay of team owners J. Walter Duncan and Donald Trump.

The seating capacity of "The Meadowlands" was 76,891 back during its USFL days, but it was rare that the Generals generated enough interest to necessitate that many seats.

Today the stadium continues to host the Giants and Jets home games, but its days are numbered.  A new Meadowlands Stadium project is in the works, with Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands, or whatever you wish to call the stadium, headed for a date with a wrecking ball or implosion sometime in early 2010.


East Rutherford, New Jersey


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