The roster to the right includes those players who were invited to the Maulers pre-season training camp.
The actual team roster was whittled down to a 40-man active list, together with a 10-man developmental squad.
Three Rivers Stadium was the home of the Maulers.
The stadium also was used in the springtime by another tenant, baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates.
The NFL's Steelers used the facility as well during their season, as well as for other events during the course of the year.
Today, the Pirates and Steelers each have their own, sport-specific facility.
The team that was left out in Pittsburgh's sports building frenzy was the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins, who came within a gnats eyelash of relocating prior to the 2007-08 season.
At the last minute a deal was reached that will result in the team getting a new facility to replace the Civic Arena, which is over 40 years old.
Maulers owner Edward J. DeBartolo once owned the Penguins.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1984
Adams, Earnest LB Illinois State X
Agee, Tim S West Virginia X
Albright, Ira DT Northeast Oklahoma X
Anderson, Greg WR Alabama State X
Barilla, Mickey K Colorado State X
Boislure, David QB Holy Cross X
Black, James DT South Carolina State X
Browne, Les CB Colorado State X
Burris, Scott C-G Ohio State X
Carano, Glenn QB Nevada - Las Vegas X
Christophe, Arthur C Northeast Louisiana X
Clancy, Sam DE Pittsburgh X
Correal, Chuck C Penn State X
Corbin, Don T Kentucky X
Crosby, Ron LB Penn State X
Dombrowski, Ken DT Cameron X
Doubiago, Dan T Utah X
Easley, Walt RB West Virginia X
Ehlebracht, T.K. WR North Central X
Ellis, Tony RB Michigan State X
Ferranti, Jim WR Youngstown State X
Fields, Claybon T Purdue X
Freeman, Ron LB Pittsburg State X
Friday, Larry S Mississippi X
Goddard, Derrick S Drake X
Graham, David DT Morehouse X
Griffin, Ike DE Michigan State X
Harper, Mark CB Alcorn State X
Hickman, Donnie G Southern California X
Hollie, Doug DE Southern Methodist X
Holman, Walter RB West Virginia State X
Holmes, Jerry CB West Virginia X
Hopkins, Bobby G Gardner-Webb X
Huther, Bruce LB New Hampshire X
Jacobs, Dave K Syracuse X
Jones, Keith C West Virginia X
Kimichik, Al TE Michigan State X
Langlois, David CB Southern California X
Lawrence, Amos RB North Carolina X
Lohmann, Jim G-T Texas - El Paso X
Lukens, Joe C-G Ohio State X
Maggs, Don T Tulane X
Martin, Ricky WR New Mexico X
McAdoo, Howard LB Michigan State X
McKibben, Mike LB Kent State X
Miller, William RB Ouchita Baptist X
Potts, Shawn WR Bowling Green X
Raugh, Mark TE West Virginia X
Rozantz, Tom QB William & Mary X
Rozier, Mike RB Nebraska X
Shaw, Mike TE Virginia Tech X
Short, Dart S Pittsburgh X
Skutack, Danny LB Auburn X
Smith, Blaine S Southern Methodist X
Smith, Gary G Virginia Tech X
Swider, Larry P Pittsburgh X
Sydnor, Willie WR Syracuse X
Thomas, Troy DT Grambling X
Udinski, Mark C Virginia Tech X
Walls, Craig LB Indiana X
Works, George RB Northern Michigan X
Yancy, Bill LB Fresno State X

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