Edward DeBartolo initially applied for his franchise under his own name, as a sole proprietorship.
This was considered far too risky a move by most who applied, as by doing so DeBartolo personally assumed the liability for the $6 million franchise fee.
In the case of all other USFL expansion teams, when the team (or the league) ceased operations, there was no obligation by their ownership groups to continue making payments on their franchises.
The Maulers cheerleaders (pictured below) were known as the "Flashdancers."
In DeBartolo's case, he was still on the hook for millions through 1986, though the Maulers were gone by '84.

Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr., Youngstown, Ohio
based real estate mogul and owner of the
Pittsburgh Maulers.
. Maulers President Paul Martha (L) and
General Manager George Heddelston (R).
. The two head coaches during the
Maulers brief history:  Joe Pendry (L)
and Ellis Rainsberger (R).
Maulers' pre-season practice session,
South High Stadium in Pittsburgh,
October 1983
The Pittsburgh Maulers "Flashdancers"

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