The Maulers administrative offices were located in an apartment complex in Pittsburgh known as Bigelow Square.
At the time he was awarded the Maulers expansion franchise, Edward J. DeBartolo also owned the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins.
The "Name the Team" contest that produced the "Maulers" name was held in August 1983, and received more than 50,000 entries containing 2,600 different names.
The team's media guide referred to the team's colors as "Pittsburgh Purple, Renaissance Red and Steel Grey."
George Heddleston was, at age 36, one of the youngest General Managers in the history of pro football at the time.

Player, Position College/University
Tim Agee, DB West Virginia
Duane Barnes, G West Virginia
Dwight Collins, WR Pittsburgh
Mike Dahl, G Pittsburgh
Tom Flynn, DB Pittsburgh
Steve Hathaway, LB West Virginia
Troy Hill, DB Pittsburgh
Rich Hollins, WR West Virginia
Jeff Hostetler, QB West Virginia
Mike Johnson, LB Virginia Tech
Vince Johnson, G Virginia Tech
Ben Lawrence, T Indiana Univ. of Pa.
Bill Maas, DT Pittsburgh
Tony Magnelli, C Pittsburgh
David Marvel, LB Virginia Tech
Joe McCall, RB Pittsburgh
Jim Merritts, DT West Virginia
Kenny Moore, DB Indiana Univ. of Pa.
Steve Newberry, DB West Virginia
Dave Oblak, DT West Virginia
Kevin Owens, T Kutztown State
Tony Paige, RB Virginia Tech
James Patterson, DE Virginia Tech
James Robinson, LB Virginia Tech
Eric Shubert, K Pittsburgh
Mike Shaw, TE Virginia Tech
Alonzo Smith, TE Virginia Tech
Jim Sweeney, C Pittsburgh
Ray Weatherspoon, DB Pittsburgh
Al Wenglikowski, LB Pittsburgh
John Frank, TE Ohio State

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