WHEN THE UNITED STATES FOOTBALL LEAGUE suspended its operations for 1986 following the outcome of USFL v. NFL, Cincinnati Bengals chief Mike Brown was asked how many USFL players would go on to play in the National Football League.  "Around a dozen," was the reply.  Those three words were indicative of just how little those loyal to the NFL knew about the level of player talent developed by the USFL in its short three-year history.

While NFL team executives and commissioner Pete Rozelle were publicly dismissive of the USFL, their scouts knew better - there was a ton of talent on USFL team rosters, a reality proved by the over 200 players who would go on to add NFL experience to their pro football resumes.

Everyone knows of the careers that the USFL's best-remembered players went on to have.  Names such as Doug Flutie, Jim Kelly, Scott Norwood, Herschel Walker, Reggie White and Steve Young will, in one way or another, will go down in football lore.  But there are dozens of others who made a significant impact both during the USFL's history, and with the NFL either before or after the USFL.  From colorful characters such as Novo Bojovic and Eddie "Meat Cleaver" Weaver to true stars such as Kelvin Bryant, Anthony Carter, Chuck Fusina and Mike Lush, the USFL produced literally hundreds of the best pro football players of the 1980's.

This section of USFL.INFO is aimed at providing a profile of some of those who helped make the USFL what it was - an entertaining, fundamentally sound professional football league that produced the highest quality of play seen outside of the NFL.  It's far from a complete list (the initial run through of 50 players missed Doug Williams and Mike Lush, for example), and you're invited to contact us and submit new sections highlighting those players you think worthy of being included here.

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