While Herschel Walker made headlines in New York City with the New Jersey Generals, Kelvin LeRoy Bryant was every bit his equal on the fields of the USFL during the league's three years, but with one difference - Bryant's teams won more often.  A three-time all-ACC running back, Bryant was picked up by the Philadelphia Stars in the league's territorial draft, though few doubt he would have been chosen in the NFL Draft's early rounds.  As it was, even though he had already signed with the Stars, the Washington Redskins still used their 7th round pick in 1983 to pick up his NFL rights.

Accumulating 1,440 yards and 16 touchdowns in his rookie season, Bryant helped propel the Stars to the 1983 USFL Championship Game.  The following year brought almost the same yardage total (1,406 yards), another 13 yards, and this time a USFL championship.  1985 saw the Stars move to Baltimore, and Bryant move around the backfield for another 1,207 yards and 12 touchdowns - and another USFL title.

Once the USFL folded Bryant went on to the NFL, but despite being a member of the winning team in Super Bowl XXII he never achieved the same level of success in Washington.  Injuries limited him to only 251 carries and 1,186 yards over five NFL seasons, and after the 1990 NFL campaign he retired.  Nonetheless he holds the distinction of being one of a select few players to have won both NFL and USFL championships.


Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars


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