The first offensive lineman chosen in the 1983 USFL Draft, UCLA's Irv Eatman was chosen #8 overall by the Philadelphia Stars.  At 6 feet 6 inches and 280 pounds, Eatman was considered large by standards of the day, and that

Eatman and Carl Petersen weren't separated long as Eatman would go on to join Petersen and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1986.  He played there until 1990, then split the next seven seasons between the New York Jets, L.A. Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Houston Oilers before retiring in 1996 following a shoulder injury.

After his playing days, Eatman went into coaching, first with the Green Bay Packers in 1999, then with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2001.  He was the offensive line coach with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2001-2005, then took his current position - also as offensive line coach - with the Oakland Raiders in 2006.


Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars


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