The Invaders played in the only tie game in the history of the USFL, a 17-17 split with the Baltimore Stars on March 3, 1985.
The game would turn out to be a preview of the 1985 USFL Championship Game, which was just as close but ultimately won by the Stars, 28-24.
The Invaders were not among the teams that would have carried on had the USFL played in the fall of 1986.
Despite being in a market that had recently been abandoned by an NFL franchise for reasons unrelated to fan interest, Invaders owners Tad Taube and A. Alfred Taubman had had enough of the financial losses involved in operating in the USFL.
While the Invaders would merge with the Michigan Panthers after the 1984 season, initially the team was to merge with the Oklahoma Outlaws.
The merger fell through reportedly because of demands made by Outlaws minority owner (and son of the majority owner) Bill Tatham, Jr.

The men who would bring pro football back to
the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum:
Jim Joseph (L) and Tad Taube (R).  Initially, Joseph
was to be the team's majority owner, but when
the USFL's Los Angeles franchise came available,
the two flipped a coin to decide who would stay
in Oakland and who would go.  Taube "lost" and
stayed in Oakland, taking control of the Invaders.

Invaders head coaches John Ralston (1983-84, at
left), and Charlie Sumner (1985).

Left to Right:  Invaders chief signal-callers Fred
Besana (L, 1983-84), and Bobby Hebert (center,
1985); wideout Anthony Carter (1985, right).

Running back Art Whittington goes over the top
against the Baltimore Stars in the
1985 USFL Championship Game.

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