For the 1985 season, the merger between the Michigan Panthers and Oakland Invaders resulted in a relocation of the team's offices to San Leandro, California.
Panthers owner Alfred Taubman and Invaders owner Tad Taube reportedly bickered over who would be considered the primary owner of the team.  Taubman won out, with Taube taking a lesser role for 1985.
Team President and General Manager Vince Lombardi, Jr. came over from the Panthers staff, but head coach Jim Stanley did not.
The Invaders used Mesa Community College in Mesa, California as the site of their pre-season training camp.
Originally known as the "Bay Area" Invaders because the team intended to play its regular season games in both Oakland and San Francisco, the team took the surname "Oakland" on October 19, 1982 after the Oakland Coliseum was deemed the site of all 9 Invader home games in 1983.
The Invaders celebrated the opening of their new offices in November 1982 by hosting a league owners meeting at the nearby Oakland Hyatt. 
In the Invaders 1983 media guide a diagram of a football field is imposed within the playing area of the Oakland Coliseum.  The only problem?  The field depicted didn't have end zones.

President (1983-84);
Franchise Chairman (1985)
Tad Taube
Principal Owner (1985) A. Alfred Taubman
Owner (1985) Robert Taubman
President and General Manager (1985) Vince T. Lombardi, Jr.
Vice President of Administration (1983);
Executive Vice President (1984-85)
Howard Friedman
Vice President of Community Relations (1984) Raymond Chester
Vice President of Marketing (1984-85) Maurice Goldman
Vice President and Head Coach (1985) Charlie Sumner
General Manager and Head Coach (1983-84) John Ralston
Offensive Coordinator (1983-84) Doug Gerhart
Defensive Coordinator Ron Lynn
Running Backs Coach (1983) Larry Bryan
Running Backs Coach (1984) Skip Stress
Running Backs Coach (1985) MacArthur Lane
Receivers Coach (1983-84) Al Darby
Receivers Coach (1985) Fred Biletnikoff
Special Teams Coach Bill Dickey
Defensive Line Coach (1983) Bill Dutton
Defensive Line Coach (1984-85) Mike Dolby
Linebackers Coach Mike Haluchak
Quarterbacks Coach (1985) Larry Kuharich
Defensive Line Coach Cedrick Hardman
Offensive Line Coach (1983);
Director of Player Personnel (1984);
Vice President of Administration (1985)
Chuck Hutchison
Offensive Line Coach (1984) Ray Malavasi
Offensive Line Coach (1985) Ed Flanagan
Assistant Offensive Line Coach Forrest Klein
Trainer Jim Anderson
Assistant Trainer Scott Hefner
Equipment Manager John Daggett
Team Physician Dr. Stuart C. Zeman
Associate Physician Dr. Charles J. Barnes
Team Dentist Dr. DeVan Robins
Business Manager David Levinson
Director of Operations (1985) Mike Keller
Director of Public Relations Geno Effler
Assistant to the President (1985) Gary Pluchino
Assistant Director of Public Relations Bill Keane
Marketing and Sales Manager Tom Blake
Sales Promotion Manager Tena Black
Marketing and Sales Administrator John McColl
Marketing and Sales Assistant Paula Taube
Ticket Manager George Glace
Assistant Ticket Manager Ann Blalock
Customer Service Manager Maudine Pembleton
Community Relations Abe Rose
Entertainment Director George Minami
Manager of Office Services Connie Mueser
Receptionist Angela Amy
Coaching Office Administrative Assistant Sheila Barros
Public Relations and Marketing Administrative Assistant Fran Bergamini
Administrative Assistant Jayne Bradshaw
Coaching Office Administrative Assistant Phyllis Hamilton

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