For the 1985 territorial draft, each USFL team was permitted to designate up to 25 players.
The territorial 'draft' wasn't a draft in the true nature of the term.
Since teams were restricted to selecting players from a number of colleges, there was no potential for competition among teams for the services of players. 
The 'draft' was simply conducted:  each team sent their list of players to the Commissioner's office, and that was it - the player's USFL rights were awarded.

Player, Position College/University
Kevin Bowman, WR San Jose State
Tom Briehl, LB Stanford
Bob Frasco, QB San Jose State
Steve Gibson, DE Cal Poly San Luis Obis
Gale Gilbert, QB California
Owen Gill, RB Iowa
Mark Harmon, K Stanford
Emile Harry, WR Stanford
Mike Hooks, LB Iowa
Keith Hunter, DB Iowa
Terry Jackson, DT Stanford
Damone Johnson, TE Cal Poly San Luis Obis
George Little, DT Iowa
Terry McDonald, LB San Jose State
Brent Martin, C Stanford
Rance McDougald, WR California
Matt Moran, G Stanford
Tom Neville, T Fresno State
Ray Noble, DB California
Tony Smith, WR San Jose State
Kevin Spitzig, LB Iowa
Dave Strobel, LB Iowa
Gary Swanson, LB Cal Poly San Luis Obis
Garin Veris, DE Stanford
Larry Willis, WR Fresno State

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