Stanford QB John Elway, who was the #1 pick in the 1983 NFL Draft and undoubtedly would have been a top three choice in the USFL's as well, was snapped up by the Invaders before the college draft was conducted.
Elway was among those players chosen by the Invaders in the territorial phase of the 1983 draft.
Another quarterback, Dan Marino of the University of Pittsburgh, would be the first overall pick, by the Los Angeles Express.
Marino and Elway each would go on to stellar NFL careers, culminating in their induction into Pro Football's Hall of Fame.

The Oakland Invaders selections in the 1983 USFL College Draft:
Round Selection Player, Position College
1 7 Billy Ray Smith, LB Arkansas
2 18 Glen Young, WR Mississippi State
3 31 David Lutz, T Georgia Tech
4 42 Vince Newsome, DB Washington
5 55 Jerome Foster, DT Ohio State
6 66 Ken O'Brien, QB California - Davis
7 79 Greg Townsend, DE Texas Christian
8 90 Dokie Williams, WR UCLA
9 103 Earnest Jackson, RB Texas A&M
10 114 Traded to Washington -
11 127 Harvey Childress, LB Southern Oregon
12 138 Cedric Mack, DB Baylor
13 151 Reginald Gipson, RB Alabama A&M
14 162 Charles Tucker, G Austin Peay
15 175 Traded to Philadelphia -
16 186 Eric Moran, T Washington
17 199 Jesse Sapolu, G Hawaii
18 210 Charles Mann, LB Nevada - Reno
19 223 Vince Randall, T Portland State
20 234 Aaron Williams, WR Washington
21 247 Tom Straughters, DT Jackson State
22 258 Otis Brown, RB Jackson State
23 271 Poncho James, RB San Francisco State
24 282 Steve Sebahar, C Washington State

* - selection received in trade.

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