The Gunslingers first-ever win came at the expense of the Oakland Invaders, 14-10 in Week 5 of the 1984 season.
Of the 12 victories posted by the San Antonio Gunslingers during their three-year history, three of those wins were by shutout.
By contrast, the Gunslingers themselves were never shutout.
Eight of the 1984 Gunslingers losses were by seven or fewer points.
In four meetings against the cross-state USFL rival Houston Gamblers, the Gunslingers went 0-4-0.
Per the Expansion Franchise Agreement approved by the USFL's owners, the Gunslingers were owned by South Texas Sports, Inc., as well as by Clinton Manges individually. 
The agreement required that the team construct additional seating at Alamo Stadium to certain specifications:  30,000 by March 1, 1984, and 62,000 not later than March 1, 1986.
Had the Gunslingers not built the additional seating (and had the team survived that long anyway), the USFL reserved the right to revoke the Gunslingers franchise.
As part of the agreement that brought the Gunslingers into being, the USFL agreed that no future expansion franchise would be granted to Austin, Texas, without the consent of the Gunslingers ownership.
Today, Austin is approximately the same size market as Jacksonville, which today hosts the NFL's Jaguars.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1984 1985
Anae, Brad DE Brigham Young - X
Armstead, Charles CB Illinois - X
Armstrong, Tony TE New Mexico X -
Barefield, John LB Texas A&I X -
Bonner, Marcus RB Texas A&I X X
Buggs, Danny WR West Virginia X X
Canada, Larry RB Wisconsin - X
Case, Frank DE Penn State X -
Castillo, Juan LB Texas A&I X X
Chaffin, Jeff DE UCLA - X
Choate, Putt LB Southern Methodist X X
D'Amico, Rich LB Penn State X X
Davidson, Greg C North Texas State X -
Douglas, Karl QB Texas A&I X -
Fields, Greg DE Grambling X X
Ford, Mike QB Southern Methodist X -
Garza, Rich QB Temple X X
Gaylord, Jeff T Missouri - X
Gillen, Ken DE Illinois X -
Gordon, Jerry WR Grambling X X
Hackett, Joey TE Elon X X
Hadnot, James Te Texas Tech - X
Hagen, Mike RB Montana X X
Hanna, Paul NG Purdue X X
James, Larry DB Texas A&I X X
Jenkins, Mark T Cincinnati - X
Johnson, Clyde CB Kansas - X
Johnson, Gary Don DT Baylor X -
Leiding, Jeff LB Texas - X
Lesnik, Ivan DT Arizona - X
Lockett, Frank WR Nebraska - X
Mathis, Reggie LB Oklahoma - X
McCormick, Glenn C Arizona X -
McNeil, Mark DB Houston - X
Mike-Mayer, Nick K Temple X X
Minor, Vic DB Northeast Louisiana - X
Monroe, Terry DE Houston X -
Morris, Jim Bob DB Kansas State X X
Mortensen, Fred QB Arizona State - X
Mueske, Daryl G Arizona State X -
Neal, Tally LB Tarleton State X -
Nelms, Keith DB Kansas State X -
Neuheisel, Rick QB UCLA X X
O'Roark, Larry WR East Carolina X -
Oliver, Reggie LB Northern Michigan X X
Osborne, Richard TE Texas A&M X -
Parker, Rodney WR Tennessee State X -
Penn-White, Al RB Southeast Oklahoma X -
Phea, Lonell WR Houston X -
Price, Ernest DE Texas A&I X -
Pryor, David P Southern California X -
Raeford, Peter DB Northern Michigan X X
Richmond, Rock DB Oregon X X
Roberts, Carl T Kansas - X
Roberts, Don RB San Diego State X X
St. Clair, Mike DE Grambling X -
Silipo, Joe C Tulane X X
Smith, Bennie DT Missouri - X
Speros, Pete C Penn State - X
Stamper, Scott RB Fort Lewis X X
Starks, Glenn WR Texas A&I X -
Tabor, Tommy NG Baylor X X
Taylor, Whit QB Vanderbilt - X
Thompson, Arland G Baylor X X
Thompson, Emmuel DB Texas A&I X -
Tyler, Maurice DB Morgan State X -
Ulmer, Mike DB Doane X X
Waddy, Raymond DB Texas A&I X -
Walters, Rod G Iowa - X
White, Jafus DB Texas A&I X -
Williams, Leon CB Louisville - X
Williams, Ralph T Southern X X
Works, George RB Northern Michigan - X
Zogg, Jon G Boise State X -

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