For 1983 and 1984, the Denver Gold were aligned in the USFL's Pacific Division, along with the Arizona Wranglers, Los Angeles Express, and Oakland Invaders.
For the 1985 season, the Gold were aligned with the other surviving teams west of the Mississippi River in the 7-team Western Conference. 
Despite a 7-11-0 finish in their first season, the Gold came within two wins of capturing the 1983 Pacific Division title.
In 1984, the Gold again would finish third in the division, but would come even closer as their 9-9-0 record was one game behind both the Los Angeles Express and the Arizona Wranglers.
In 1985 the Gold finally made it to the playoffs thanks to an 11-7-0 record, only to be bounced in the first round by the Memphis Showboats, 48-7.
The Gold's regular season record over the team's three year existence was 27-27-0, making them the only USFL team to play .500 football during their history.
Only 3 members of the Gold played with the team throughout its three seasons:  Tom Davis, Greg Feasel, and Nate Miller.
The Gold's 1983 media guide pictured head coach Red Miller with "Black Gold," a leopard that served as the team's mascot.  A pole used by the leopard's handler to help control the animal can be seen in the bottom right corner of the picture.
The Denver Gold's administrative offices were located in nearby Commerce City, Colorado, at 8702 Rosemary Street.
Among the Gold's 1983 coaching staff were two men who would go on to be head coaches:  Charley Armey, who briefly took over the Gold after Red Miller was fired, and Ellis Rainsberger, who in 1984 would take the helm of the Pittsburgh Maulers.
QB Jeff Knappel and QB Phil Davis were the first players signed by the Gold, on September 8, 1982.
The Gold's training camp site was North High School in Phoenix, Arizona.
By November 1, 1982, the Gold had sold over 23,000 season tickets, by far the most in the USFL to that point.  The team ultimately sold over 30,000 season tickets in 1983.
The Gold cheerleaders were known as "Pure Gold," which in some areas today is better known as a chain of adult-themed clubs.
The Gold didn't reach agreement for use of Mile High Stadium until December 3, 1982, three months before the team was scheduled to play its first game.
The Gold could be heard in the Denver area on KLZ-AM 560.
Having no history to fall back on, the Denver Gold's 1983 media guide used 13 of its 80 pages to display pictures of its front office staff, 22 to give information about other teams and the USFL as a whole, 2 more to give information about Mile High Stadium, and one to list the various marching bands that the team would use as pre-game and halftime entertainment.
The highest price of a Denver Gold season ticket for 1983 was $107.10, but a fan could get a seat to all 9 home games for $69.30 if he didn't mind sitting in the upper tier at Mile High.
Youth tickets were available to kids for just $3.30 - even then at the time less than the cost of going to a movie.
The Gold's logo was explained as an alchemists symbol for the metal, with the circle implying "symmetry, wholeness, and unity."

Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984 1985
Allen, Anthony CB Texas Christian X X -
Arnold, John WR Wyoming - X -
Asmus, Jim K Hawaii - - X
Atiyeh, George NT Louisiana State X - -
Bailey, Elmer WR Minnesota - X -
Baird, Kerry CB Kentucky - - X
Balholm, Neil WR Brigham Young - X -
Ballage, Howard WR Colorado X - -
Barefield, John LB Texas A&I X - -
Blinka, Stan LB Sam Houston - - X
Blount, Tony S Virginia X - -
Brown, Ken WR (Unknown) X - -
Buben, Mark DT Tufts - - X
Bungartz, John LB Cal State Fullerton X X -
Calip, Brad RB East Central - - X
Call, Mike DE Colorado State - X -
Campbell, Joe NT (Unknown) X - -
Canada, Larry RB Wisconsin X - -
Cancik, Phil LB Northern Arizona X - -
Carswell, Ernie S Alabama State - - X
Choate, Putt LB Southern Methodist X - -
Davis, Tom C Nebraska X X X
Delaney, Jeff SS Pittsburgh - - X
DeRose, Mark LB Southern Colorado X - -
Dirden, Johnnie WR (Unknown) X - -
Downing, Walt G Michigan - - X
Dumars, David S Northeast Louisiana X X -
Edwards, Dennis DE Southern California - X -
Elisara, Matt NT Washington State X - -
Evans, Vince QB Southern California - - X
Feasel, Greg T Abilene Christian X X X
Fisher, Mike WR (Unknown) X - X
Ford, Glenn RB Lenoir-Rhyne X - -
Gabbidon, Earl TE (Unknown) X - -
Gagliano, Bob QB Utah State - X X
Garcia, Bubba WR (Unknown) X - -
Gerhart, Todd RB Cal State Fullerton - - X
Gerken, Greg LB Northern Arizona X X -
Goosby, Darryl TE Cincinnati X - -
Gortz, Steve P Nevada - Las Vegas X - -
Greene, Sammy WR (Unknown) X - -
Harper, Jeff LB Colorado State - X -
Harr, Ricky S Colorado State X - -
Harris, Leonard WR Texas Tech - X X
Harris, Lonnie WR North Carolina A&T - - X
Harris, Nate S Tulsa - - X
Hemphill, Darryl S West Texas State - X X
Hicks, Victor TE Oklahoma - X -
Hill, Norman RB Texas Tech - - X
Hirn, Mike TE Central Michigan - X -
Hobart, Ken QB Idaho - X -
Hood, Kevin LB Colorado - X -
Hope, Neil LB Southern California - - X
Hoppock, Doug T Kansas State X - -
Irvin, Terry LB Colorado - - X
James, Victor WR Colorado X - -
Jenkins, Keith DB (Unknown) X - -
Johnson, Bill RB Arkansas State - X X
Johnson, Kelley WR Colorado - - X
Johnson, Ken QB Colorado X - -
Johnson, Richard RB Colorado X - -
Johnson, Steve DE Oregon - X X
Johnson, Troy WR Southern - - X
Jones, Lloyd WR (Unknown) X - -
Jones, Tim WR Kansas X - -
Kalil, Frank C-G Arizona - - X
Kilkenny, Tom LB Temple - - X
Kimmel, Jon LB Colgate - X -
Knapple, Jeff QB Northern Colorado X - -
Knapton, Bob LB Northern Colorado X - -
Lewis, Marc WR Missouri - - X
Lewis, Will CB Millersville State X - -
Lobert, Greg G California - - X
Loveall, Calvin CB Idaho - - X
Maher, Tim TE (Unknown) X - -
Martin, David CB Villanova X X -
Matheney, Richard WR Utah State X - -
Matthews, Bill LB South Dakota State - X -
Matthews, Bo RB Colorado X X -
McClung, Bill G (Unknown) X - -
McKibben, Mike --- Kent State - - X
Mikolas, Doug DE Portland - - X
Miller, Matt T Colorado - X X
Miller, Nate CB Cameron X X X
Miller, Terry RB (Unknown) X - -
Mortensen, Fred QB Arizona State X X -
Moseley, Dennis RB Iowa X - -
Murray, Calvin RB Ohio State - X -
Nease, Mike --- Tennessee - Chattanooga - - X
Nevens, John LB Cal State Fullerton - - X
Newton, Kevin LB Texas Christian X X -
Niziolek, Bob TE Colorado X X -
Norfleet, Harold T Prairie View A&M X X -
Ogrin, Pat NT Wyoming - X X
Payton, Doug G Colorado - X -
Penrose, Craig QB San Diego State - X -
Perry, Pete DE Colorado X - -
Phea, Lonnel WR Houston X - -
Poremba, Andy DE Colorado State X - -
Preston, Dave RB Bowling Green - X -
Rausch, Don NT (Unknown) X - -
Reese, Jerry S Oklahoma X - -
Rogers, Steve T Brigham Young X X -
Schnabel, Tom LB Dakota Wesleyan X - -
Shields, Lance CB Drake - - X
Shoop, Mark DE Colorado - X -
Short, Laval DE Colorado X - -
Silipo, Joe G Tulane X - -
Smilo, David S Eastern Michigan X - -
Sparks, Robert WR (Unknown) X - -
Speelman, Brian K Capital X X -
Stalls, Dave DE Northern Colorado - X -
Stamper, Scott RB Fort Lewis X - -
Stegall, Gill RB Harding - - X
Stevens, Joe LB (Unknown) X - -
Sullivan, Tom S UCLA X X -
Sydney, Harry RB Kansas X X -
Taliaferro, Mike DT Texas Christian - - X
Thompson, Arland G (Unknown) X - -
Thornton, Bruce DE Illinois - X X
Trimble, Steve S Maryland - X X
Turk, Steve QB (Unknown) X - -
Turner, Calvin DE West Virginia X X X
Turner, Lonnie WR Cal Poly - Pomona - - X
Tyler, Maurice S (Unknown) X - -
Wagner, Ray T Kent State - X X
Walls, Craig LB Indiana - - X
White, Alvin QB (Unknown) X - -
White, Larry DE Jackson State X - -
White, Vincent RB Stanford - X X
Whittingham, Kyle LB Brigham Young X - -
Williams, Donnie RB Southwest Texas State - - X
Williams, Kevin WR Southern California X X -
Yarno, George G Washington State - X X
Yarno, John C Idaho - X -

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