Among the members of Mouse Davis' 1985 Denver Gold staff was offensive coordinator June Jones, who would later go on to be the head coach of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, then at the University of Hawaii.
The Gold drew 45,299 fans against the woeful Chicago Blitz in 1984.  Fans left disappointed however as the Gold gave the Blitz one of their five wins on the year, 29-17.
Of the Gold's 9 losses in 1984, 3 were by 3 points or less.
The Gold's first win came at the expense of the Chicago Blitz, 16-13, on March 20, 1983. 
The 1983 Gold scored less than 10 points in one-third of their games. 
They gave up 20 or more points in seven that season.
The Gold defense intercepted just 17 passes in 1983 - less than one per game, and the lowest total in the league.
Safety David Dumars had 7 of them.

The majority owners of the Denver Gold:
original owner Ron Blanding (L), and Doug
Spedding (R), who paid $10 million for the
team after the 1983 season only to see
it go downhill from there.

The four head coaches of the
Denver Gold during its three year run:
Robert "Red" Miller (1983, 11 games, top left),
Charley Armey (1983, 1 game, top right),
Craig Morton (1983-84, bottom left), and
Darrell "Mouse" Davis (1985, bottom right)

Photo from the line of scrimmage,
Inaugural Denver Gold game
vs. Philadelphia Stars,
March 6, 1983

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