The change in ownership of the Gold from Ron Blanding to Doug Spedding didn't result in a great deal of turnover in the team's front office staff.
The coaching staff, however, should have rented their Denver apartments on a month to month basis.   
The team not only went through four head coaches in three years, but also changed Offensive Coordinators twice (from Red Miller to Babe Parilli to June Jones), Defensive Coordinators (from Jim Carr to Joe Haering), Defensive Line Coaches (from Charley Armey to Bill Dutton to Pete Rodriguez), and so on.
Don Frease was the only member of the Gold coaching staff to survive all three seasons with his employment status intact - and it even changed, as Frease went from the team's Wide Receivers and Tight Ends coach to coaching Special Teams in 1985.
Two of team owner Ron Blanding's sons worked in the Gold front office.  Son Andy was a Vice President with the team, while son Mike was an administrative assistant with the club.


Owner and President (1983-84) Ron Blanding
Owner and Chairman (1984-85) R. Douglas Spedding
Minority Owner (1984-85) Bob Frink
President and General Manager (1985) Richard L. Nathan
Vice President and Assistant to the Owner (1983);
Vice President and General Manager (1984)
Bill Roth
Vice President Andy Blanding
Director of Community Affairs Lynn "Marti" Martin
Director of Marketing (1983-84) Bob Willard
Director of Marketing and Sales (1985) Rob Hasson
Director of Player Personnel (1984) Tom Marino
Director of Public Relations (1983-84) Jim Van Someren
Director of Public Relations (1985) Steve Gerrish
General Manager and Head Coach (1983) Robert "Red" Miller
Head Coach (1984) Craig Morton
Head Coach (1985) Darrell "Mouse" Davis
Defensive Coordinator (1983-84) Jim Carr
Defensive Coordinator (1985) Joe Haering
Defensive Line Coach (1983); Interim Head Coach (1983) Charley Armey
Defensive Line Coach (1984) Bill Dutton
Defensive Line Coach (1985) Pete Rodriguez
Linebackers Coach (1984) Lonnie Warwick
Defensive Backs Coach (1983) Donald "Deek" Pollard
Defensive Backs Coach (1985) Greg McMackin
Offensive Coordinator (1984) Vito "Babe" Parilli
Offensive Coordinator (1985) June Jones
Offensive Line Coach (1983-84) Whitey Dovell
Offensive Line Coach (1985) Gale Davis
Offensive Backfield Coach (1983) Ellis Rainsberger
Running Backs Coach (1984) Gary Cabe
Special Teams and Strength Coach (1984) Phil Cancik
Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Coach (1983-84);
Special Teams Coach (1985)
Don Frease
Manager of Financial Affairs Claudia Flight
Ticket Sales Manager Dave Barrett
Ticket Sales Manager Jim Brungard
Business Manager Bob Tajchman
Head Trainer Greg Robertson
Equipment Manager Carter Tate
Marketing Representative Kathleen Quinn
Assistant Ticket Manager Ellen Senkier
Public Relations Assistant Erwin Boettcher
Assistant Trainer Randy Pearson
Equipment Assistant J.J. Presutti
Administrative Assistant Mike Blanding
Secretary to the Owner Jan Weathers
Secretary to the Head Coach Lorrie Carpino
Bookkeeper Linda Paulson
Bookkeeper Angela Cheer
Ticket Assistant Cathy Gibbons
Ticket Representative Ken Elmgreen
Ticket Representative Pat Buckley
Secretary Kellie Huston
Receptionist Sue Reid
Team Physician Dr. Robert Loeffler
Team Dentist Dr. Tim O'Fallon
Administrative Assistant to the Coaching Staff (1983) Gary Cabe
Administrative Assistant for Player Personnel (1985) Mark Bergdale

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