Georgia RB Herschel Walker signed with the New Jersey Generals, but had previously discussed the possibility of going pro as a member of the Chicago Blitz.
Walker chose not to pursue playing for the Blitz because he felt greater marketing opportunities for him were available in the New York market.
As the USFL had a rule similar to that of the NFL with respect to signing college players who hadn't exhausted their NCAA eligibility, no team held Walker's USFL rights. 
When it was learned that Walker did in fact intend to go pro, and that he wanted to play in the New York area, the league steered him in the direction of Generals owner J. Walter Duncan.
After negotiations resulted in an agreement between Walker and the Generals, the USFL held a conference call among the teams to discuss Walker's status, and the league voted to grant Walker's rights to the Generals.
The Generals were penalized for the Walker signing by forfeiting their first round draft choice in 1984, but it would prove a small price to pay as Walker's signing immediately resulted in a jump in season and single-game ticket sales throughout the USFL.
The quarterback position on the Generals was a revolving door of sorts.  Bobby Scott was the predominate signal caller in 1983 but was dealt to Chicago.  Brian Sipe was signed as a free agent away from the NFL's Cleveland Browns, but after one season was sent to Jacksonville, when the team signed rookie Boston College QB Doug Flutie, who played the bulk of the 1985 season.
After the 1985 season, the New Jersey Generals and Houston Gamblers were merged as the USFL prepared for the fall 1986 season.  Flutie likely would not have been behind center at the start of 1986 either, as Gambler quarterback Jim Kelly was added to the Gens roster as a result of the merger.
Generals fans salivated at the thought of having Jim Kelly and Herschel Walker in their backfield in 1986, but it was not to be as the league ceased operations before the fall 1986 season could begin.
Kelly would go on to sign with the Buffalo Bills of the NFL, while Walker would join the league's Dallas Cowboys.
Flutie would sign with the New England Patriots, later playing with the Chicago Bears and in the CFL, before concluding his career back in New England in 2006. 
Flutie was the last veteran of the USFL to play pro football, retiring after the 2006 season.
Hall of Fame Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula was actively pursued by new Generals owner Donald Trump to coach the Gens for their 1984 season.
Trump met every demand Shula had but in the end was unwilling to give Shula one thing that reportedly was a deal-breaker:  a free apartment in Trump Tower, the Generals owner's brand new office/apartment complex in New York City.
Shula went on to re-sign with the Dolphins, earning a substantial raise in the process, and he would finish his coaching career there.
Unable to come to terms with Shula, Trump went on to sign former New York Jets head coach Walt Michaels to pilot the Generals in 1984 and 1985. 
Unhappy with the way Michaels was utilizing RB Herschel Walker, Trump reportedly threatened to fire Michaels if he didn't give Walker enough carries each game.
Michaels relented, and in 1985 Walker rushed for 2,411 yards in 18 games, a pro football record that stands today.

Player Name Pos. College/University 1983 1984 1985
Aikens, Maurice WR Jackson State - - X
Allen, Anthony CB Texas Christian X - -
Anderson, Vickey Ray RB Oklahoma X - -
Armstrong, Ross S Pennsylvania - - X
Barbaro, Gary TE Nicholls State - X -
Blinka, Stan LB Sam Houston State - - X
Boisture, Dave QB Holy Cross X - -
Boreland, Kyle LB Wisconsin - - X
Bowers, Sam TE Fordham X X X
Bradley, Gene QB Arkansas State X X X
Breathett, Sherdeill LB Oklahoma X - -
Brockhaus, Jeff K Missouri X - -
Brodsky, Larry WR Miami (Florida) X - -
Brown, Norris TE Georgia - X X
Byrne, Jim DE Wisconsin - LaCrosse - X X
Calhoun, Don RB Kansas State - X -
Carino, Andy LB Rutgers X - -
Carthon, Maurice RB Arkansas State X X X
Casperson, Tom WR Trenton State X - -
Clemmons, Maurice LB Kent State X X X
Coffey, Larry RB West Virginia Wesleyan X - -
Collins, Clarence WR Illinois State - X X
Cook, Charles NT Miami (Florida) - - X
Costict, Ray LB Mississippi State X - -
Cox, Steve G Tulsa X - -
Daniel, Donnell S Southern Illinois - - X
Daniels, Terry CB Tennessee X X X
Darns, Phil DE Mississippi Valley State X - -
Dawson, Scott NT Oklahoma X - -
Dorian, Tim C Wichita State X - -
Dumont, Jim LB Rutgers - - X
Duncan, Frank S San Francisco State - - X
Eddings, Floyd WR California - - X
Flutie, Doug QB Boston College - - X
Friede, Mike WR Indiana X - -
Gilbert, Freddie DE Georgia - X X
Grupp, Bob P Duke - X -
Hackett, Joey TE Elon College X - -
Hackett, Marcus WR Syracuse - X X
Hammond, Steve LB Wake Forest X - -
Harmon, Clarence RB Texas Christian - X X
Harper, Willie LB Nebraska - X -
Harris, Marshall DE Texas Christian - X -
Harris, Wayne G Arkansas State X X -
Harvey, Warren CB Syracuse X - -
Henninger, Dwight G West Chester State X - -
Hicks, Victor TE Oklahoma X - -
Hill, Bill CB Rutgers - - X
Holliday, William CB Bowie State X - -
Holmes, Jerry CB West Virginia - - X
Horn, Bob LB Oregon State - X -
Hull, Kent C Mississippi State X X X
Jemison, Thad WR Ohio State - - X
Jewell, John G Kent State - X X
Johnson, Gregory S Oklahoma State - X X
Johnson, Ken CB Mississippi State - X X
Joyce, John LB Colgate X X X
Justin, Kerry CB Oregon State - X X
Kestner, Jeff T Tennessee - Chattanooga X - -
Kimbrough, Johnny WR St. Cloud X - -
Knapple, Jeff QB Northern Colorado - X -
Knight, Danny WR Mississippi State - X X
Lapham, Dave G Syracuse - X X
LeClair, Jim LB North Dakota - X X
Ledbetter, Weldon RB Oklahoma - - X
Leopold, Bobby LB Notre Dame - X X
Lockette, James DE Missouri X X -
Lott, Thomas RB Oklahoma X - -
Mackie, Doug T Ohio State - X X
Madsen, Lynn DE Washington - X X
Maggs, Don T Tulane - - X
Mathis, Reggie LB Oklahoma X - -
Mattiace, Frank NT Holy Cross - X X
McAndrews, Jim T Syracuse X - -
McCollom, John G Syracuse X - -
McConnaughey, Tom WR Central Arkansas X - -
McKibben, Mike LB Kent State X - -
McMillin, Troy G Illinois X - -
Millard, Bryan T Texas X X -
Miller, John LB Mississippi State - X X
Miller, Terry RB Oklahoma State X - -
Mitchell, Mike NT Ferrum Junior College X - -
Moody, Keith S Syracuse X - -
Moore, Dana P-K Mississippi State X - -
Moore, Jim C Wisconsin X - -
Morini, Mike G-T Colgate - - X
Murphy, Bob S Ohio State X - -
Murray, Richard DE Oklahoma X - -
Murtha, Greg T Minnesota X X -
Naylor, Frank C Rutgers X X X
Noel, Dana S Minnesota X - -
Partridge, Rick P Utah - - X
Patterson, Alonzo RB Wagner - X -
Pegues, Rod RB Oklahoma X X X
Powell, Steven RB Northeast Missouri State X - -
Preston, John S Central State - X X
Prudhomme, Dwight QB Southwest Louisiana X - -
Raeford, Pete CB Northern Michigan X - -
Reeves, Ron QB Texas Tech - - X
Ruzek, Roger K Weber State - X X
Schubert, Eric K Pittsburgh - - X
Scott, Bobby QB Tennessee X - -
Shephard, Darrell S Oklahoma X - -
Shoate, Rod LB Oklahoma X - -
Sipe, Brian QB San Diego State X X -
Skibinski, John RB Purdue X - -
Slawson, Mark WR The Citadel X - -
Sopp, Sam CB Kent State X - -
Spek, Jeff TE San Diego State - X X
Spencer, Herbie LB Newberry College X - -
Stroth, Vince T Brigham Young - - X
Sturdivant, John DE Ohio State X - -
Sturt, Fred G Bowling Green X - -
Sullivan, Dwight RB North Carolina State X X X
Thomas, Todd T North Dakota X - -
Tullis, Walter WR Delaware State X - -
Walker, Herschel RB Georgia X X X
Watts, Ben DE Stephen F. Austin X - -
Weaver, Emanuel NT South Carolina - - X
Weddington, Mike LB Oklahoma X X X
Williams, Mike CB Texas A&M X X -
Williams, Steve NT Oklahoma X - -
Williamson, Ricky DE Mars Hill X - -
Woodland, Tom NT Missouri - X X
Wright, Eddie WR Wake Forest X - -
Yli-Renko, Kari T Cincinnati - X X
Zakskorn, Pat G Washington - X -

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