Tickets to see the Generals play at the Meadowlands in 1983 could be bought for just $10 or $12.50, depending on seat location.
By 1985, prices had gone up, but were still reasonable even at the time, at $11 and $14, respectively.
The Generals ticket hotline number was 1-800-KICKOFF.
1983 Offensive Line Coach Bill Austin had the distinction of being the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers to immediately precede Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll.
1984-85 Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer would eventually also join the ranks of NFL head coaches, being picked to serve as the head coach of the resurrected Cleveland Browns in 1999.
Despite his firing by the New York Jets, Walt Michaels was among the more popular coaches in team history.
When Donald Trump was unable to lure Don Shula away from the Miami Dolphins, he hired Michaels to pilot the Gens in 1984.
During the J. Walter Duncan era, the Generals operated with a considerably smaller front office staff than was the case once Donald Trump purchased the franchise. 

Some of the personnel that made up the New Jersey front office through the years:
Chairman (1983) J. Walter Duncan, Jr.
Chairman (1984-85) Donald J. Trump
President and Head Coach (1983) Charles Fairbanks
President (1984-85) Jason Seltzer
Vice President and General Manager James Valek
Vice President of Business Affairs (1983) Charles Theokas
Vice President of Business Affairs (1984-85) Seymour Eckstein
Controller Ray Schaetzle
Director of Community Relations Tom Madaras
Director of Marketing Abe Goren
Director of Public Relations (1983) Kevin MacConnell
Director of Public Relations (1984-85) Larry Sherman
Director of Player Personnel Steve Barrett
Director of Promotions Emily Magrish
Director of Ticket Operations Dieter Sayle
Executive Assistant to the President Kathy Fernandes
Secretary to the President Pam Szen
Marketing Assistant (1983)/Executive Asst. (1984-5) Mary Venn
Marketing Assistant Tara O'Day
Marketing Assistant Kate Farrell
Assistant Director of Public Relations Gary Croke
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Terri Finneran
Assistant Controller Debbie Richards
Promotions Assistant Donna LaNeve
Secretary of Football Operations (1983) Linda Visaggio
Secretary of Football Operations (1984-85) Mary Dziob
Bookkeeper (1983) Debbie Richards
Bookkeeper (1984-85) Randi Turner
Receptionist (1983) Jackie Florre
Receptionist (1984-85) Cheryl Vivino
Head Coach (1984-85) Walt Michaels
Offensive Coordinator (1984-85) Chris Palmer
Defensive Coordinator (1983) Doug Knotts
Defensive Coordinator (1984-85) Dale Lindsey
Running Backs Coach (1983) Mike Stock
Running Backs/Special Teams Coach (1984-85) Clark Gaines
Wide Receivers Coach (1984-85) John D'Ottavio
Offensive Line Coach (1983) Bill Austin
Offensive Line Coach (1984-85) Larry Story
Defensive Line Coach (1983) George Wheeler
Defensive Line Coach (1984-85) Ted Cottrell
Defensive Backs Coach (1983) Dick Moseley
Defensive Backs Coach (1984-85) Joe Pascale
Quarterbacks Coach (1983) John Polonchek
Assistant Coach, Passing (1983) Gil Krueger
Strength and Conditioning Coach Lou Pirrello
Scout (1983) Rick Buffington
Scout (1984-85) Ken Hussey
Film Coordinator Greg McGowan
Film Director Jim Houston
Scout Rick Buffington
Trainer (1983) Robert Vann
Head Trainer (1984-85) Gerry Schwille
Director of Medical Services Mark Schottenfeld, M.D.
Team Physician Dennis Quinlan, M.D.
Equipment Manager Mike Ferraro
Assistant Equipment Manager Mike Ferraro, Jr.
Team Photographer Jim Turner

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