Donald Trump was originally slated to be the owner of the USFL's New York franchise, but backed out due to concerns he might be spreading himself too thin. 
At the time Trump was nearing completion on his signature real estate deal, the construction of Trump Tower in New York City. 
After Trump Tower was constructed and leasing, Trump felt his time had freed up sufficiently to give some of his focus to football, buying the Generals from J. Walter Duncan.
Though Trump would vehemently claim he paid far less, he bought the Gens from Duncan for $ 9 million - three million more than he would have paid for the team back in 1983.

Player, Position College/University
Bill Bates, S Tennessee
Mike Casteel, DT Tennessee
Mike Charles, DT Syracuse
Ted Cirillo, T Syracuse
Mike Cofer, LB Tennessee
Alex Falcinelli, K Rutgers
Gerald Feehery, C Syracuse
Willie Gault, WR Tennessee
Steve Haworth, DB Oklahoma
Lee Jenkins, DB Tennessee
Kenny Jones, TE Tennessee
Weldon Ledbetter, RB Oklahoma
Mike Miller, WR Tennessee
Joe Nett, G Syracuse
Rod Pegues, RB Oklahoma
Bill Pickel, DT Rutgers
Darryl Songy, DB Oklahoma
Richard Spitzer, T Rutgers
Chris Wampler, DT Tennessee
Mike Weddington, DE Oklahoma
Steve Williams, G Oklahoma
Darryl Wilson, WR Tennessee
Stanley Wilson, RB Oklahoma
Chet Winters, RB Oklahoma
Keith Woetzel, LB Rutgers
Dave Wolf, LB Colgate

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