288 players were selected in the inaugural USFL Draft, which took place over the days of January 4-5, 1983.
The Birmingham Stallions, fearing that he might be chosen by the Washington Federals, trade with the Generals to get the #3 slot in the order and with it select QB Reggie Collier.
The Generals received the #5 overall choice, as well as a fifth round pick, with which they selected RB Gary Anderson and T Mark Cooper.
Anderson was later traded to the Tampa Bay Bandits, who signed him to a contract.
Seven weeks after the draft, the Generals added another college man to their ranks - underclassman Herschel Walker.

The New Jersey Generals selections in the 1983 USFL College Draft:
Round Selection Player, Position College
1 3 Traded to Birmingham Stallions -
1* 5* Gary Anderson, RB Arkansas
2 22 Mark Stewart, LB Washington
3 27 Ramsey Dardar, DL Louisiana State
4 46 Wes Hopkins, DB Southern Methodist
5 51 Wayne Harris, G Mississippi State
5* 60* Mark Cooper, T Miami (Florida)
6 70 Randy Grimes, C Baylor
7 75 Kent Hull, C Mississippi State
8 94 Maurice Carthon, RB Arkansas State
9 99 Marlin Russell, LB Toledo
10 118 Charles Benson, DE Baylor
11 123 Danny Walters, DB Arkansas
12 142 Bryan Millard, T Texas
13 147 Rickey Williamson, DE Mars Hill
14 166 James Britt, DB Louisiana State
15 171 Todd Hallstrom, T Minnesota
16 190 Steve Cox, G Tulsa
16* 191* Tony Chickillo, DT Miami (Florida)
17 195 Jeff Christensen, QB Eastern Illinois
18 214 Dana Moore, K Mississippi State
19 219 Norris Brown, TE Georgia
20 238 Joe Lukens, G Ohio State
21 243 Carlton Briscoe, DB McNeese State
22 262 Earnest Barnes, DT Mississippi State
23 267 Steve Hammond, LB Wake Forest
24 286 Tim Dorian, C Wichita State

* - selection received in trade.


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