A Gamblers limited partner, Jay Roulier, nearly bought both the Denver Gold from Ron Blanding, and the L.A. Express when J. William Oldenburg's financial ship sunk.
In the case of the Gold, Roulier was outbid by Doug Spedding, while in Los Angeles he briefly assumed control of the franchise, only to turn it back over to the league after burning through seed money the league had provided him.
The Gamblers financial fortunes also flagged near the end of the USFL's 1985 season, requiring a bailout from other league owners to finish out the season.
When the 1985 season ended, the Gamblers were merged into the New Jersey Generals in an effort to shore up the league as it prepared to take on the NFL in the fall of 1986.

From left to right:  Gamblers majority
owner Dr. Jerry Argovitz, limited partner
and singer/actor Kenny Rogers, and
head coach Jack Pardee.

Houston Gambler and now Pro Football
Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, who was the
first pro football quarterback ever
to throw for 5,000 or more yards
in a single season, in 1984.

Offensive coordinator Darrell "Mouse"
Davis poses with his receiving
corps, the "Mouseketeers."  Davis
would leave the Gamblers after 1984
to join the Denver Gold as their
head coach.

Left:  Richard Johnson goes airborne
to make a sensational catch against
the Birmingham Stallions.

Right:  The other chief threat of
the Gambler receiving corps, Rickey

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