The original partners in the Gamblers (Alvin Lubetkin, Bernard Lerner, Jerry Argovitz and Fred Gerson) were often unable to come to agreement on matters related to operation of the franchise.
After the 1984 season, Argovitz, Lubetkin and Jay Roulier bought out Lerner and Gerson, but the new partnership proved to be undercapitalized, causing problems as the 1985 season came toward its conclusion.

General Partner (1984-85) Alvin Lubetkin
General Partner (1984) Bernard Lerner
General Partner (1984-85) Dr. Jerry Argovitz
General Partner (1984) Fred Gerson
General Partner (1985) Jay Roulier
General Manager Gene Burrough
Director of Operations Lewis Mangum
Director of Marketing (1985) Jerry Kalmin
Director of Media and Public Relations D.J. Mackovets
Director of Player Personnel Bill Groman
Head Coach Jack Pardee
Offensive Coordinator (1984) Darrell "Mouse" Davis
Offensive Coordinator (1985) John Jenkins
Defensive Coordinator Jim Eddy
Offensive Line Coach Bob Young
Defensive Line Coach Ray Alborn
Receivers Coach (1984) June Jones
Receivers Coach (1985) Robert Ford
Defensive Backs Coach Pat Thomas
Special Teams Coach (1985) Kevin McLain

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